Popsicle is kicking off 2021 with ice cream truck realness

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Popsicle is starting the new year by giving us some ice cream truck favorites at home

Popsicle is bringing the magic of the ice cream truck to our homes to kick off 2021. And whether you love a Minions bar or a fruit twister, there is something for everyone.

Growing up was there anything better during the warm summer months than hearing the ice cream truck in your neighborhood? There is something about the music of an ice cream truck and the different treats on that menu that scream summer and nostalgia. And even as we get older, there is something about hearing that music that brings you back to the magic of childhood.

With the help of Popsicle we can bring that nostalgia and magic home whenever we want. How exactly? By snagging the latest additions to the freezer aisle in stores now.

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Popsicle gives us some new treats to enjoy in 2021

So what exactly are we on the lookout for in the grocery store?

  • A New Popsicle Fruit Twisters – With this release we are actually getting two new flavors in one to enjoy. With this release we are getting a Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla Swirl. The core of this Popsicle is strawberry with mango puree and vanilla swirled together around that core.
  • Minions Popsicle – Strawberry, Banana, and a tart Blue Raspberry come together in this adorable character pop.
  • Spider-Man Popsicles – Let’s get heroic with a Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Lime character pop!

Our character pop boxes will run us about $3.99 per box, while the Fruit Twisters are typically around $4.49 each box. With each box containing six pops each, we can enjoy ice cream truck nostalgia anytime we want to. And with these flavors, we are getting some of our favorite fruit flavors in a single bite every time.

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Are you excited for these new Popsicles? Will you be snagging any of these flavors? Which of these boxes are you the most excited for? Tell us in the comments.