The best sandwich in every state

Subway's new Pit-Smoked Brisket sandwich, photo provided by Subway
Subway's new Pit-Smoked Brisket sandwich, photo provided by Subway /
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chicken sandwiche
Photo: Popeyes chicken sandwich.. Image Courtesy Postmates, Popeye /

It’s no secret: everyone loves sandwiches, no matter the kind you choose to enjoy. Within the United States, each region is home to an array of different tastes, flavors, and cuisines.

That being said, with each state comes their own signature sandwich and flavors alike. One thing’s common among us all right now: we could all use some extra love and comfort, and what better way to satisfy that than with a good ole sandwich in your hands.

What’s the best sandwich from every state? Let’s find out what reigns supreme!

Some of the sandwiches on this list may not look the prettiest, but truth be told, each one is sure to be delicious nonetheless. For the purpose of this list, there is one rule: no burgers allowed. Burgers are their own separate list, because barbecue sandwiches are just that good.

Now, let’s get onto the list! Hopefully, this doesn’t make you too hungry. If it does, find your state, and go get yourself one! Problem solved!

1. Alabama

Sandwich: Turkey Sandwich

Where to Enjoy: Bates House of Turkey

Yes, you read that correctly; the most basic turkey sandwich seems to be the real favorite in Alabama. What’s on this that makes it so good? A generous helping of freshly hickory-smoked turkey sliced perfectly for a good and hearty sandwich. The generous helping of meat is topped off with a sesame seed-topped bun, and the toppings include lettuce and mayonnaise. Yup, that’s it.

Who needs more? Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best: sandwiches included. To me, this truly the best sandwich to take on a road trip, beach picnic, or anything else in between.

Have you tried this one yet? Your thoughts? Let’s hear it!

2. Alaska

Sandwich: Fish Sandwich

Where to Enjoy: White Spot Cafè

It seems as if no other sandwich would be appropriate for the one state that is just known for some of the world’s finest wild-caught seafood of all kinds. That being said, fish sandwiches just won’t cut it in any other state, am I right?

I’ve never had a fresh fish sandwich from Alaska, let alone been there before, but I’m sure if you have, you know. What’s on this sandwich from White Spot Cafè? Breaded and fried square of freshly-caught fish (whatever is caught that day), all on a bun and then topped with tartar sauce and cheese. An absolute classic.

Fish sandwiches are simply delicious. If you know, you just know.

Have you tried this one yet? Your thoughts? Let’s hear it!