Halo Top introduces some new pops with a fruity twist

New Halo Top Fruit Pops. Image courtesy of Halo Top
New Halo Top Fruit Pops. Image courtesy of Halo Top /

Looking for a new sweet treat that is made with real fruits and juices? Halo Top is giving us something juicy to enjoy with their new line of pops. Of course I am talking about the arrival of new Fruit Pops of course!

In a press release from Halo Top on March 3, they announced that they were expanding their already delicious line of products to include even more “better-for-you” frozen desserts. And that means going all out with the fruits.

There are five flavors of fruit pops that we can indulge with starting right now, as they are apparently already popping up in stores across the country. So what exactly are the five flavors?

Halo Top is giving us Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Lime, and Coconut bars. Each bar is packed with real fruits and fruit juices, making them a perfect snack, even when you are trying to be healthy with your eating.

Introducing Halo Top’s new line of Fruit Pops

When it comes to finding a sweet but healthy treat, Halo Top knows how to deliver. And thanks to these new Fruit Pops, we are getting classic flavors with a healthy twist. After all, each bar has less sugar than comparable bars from other leading frozen dessert brands. Plus, with just 35 calories per pop, it is not like you’ll be breaking those New Year’s Resolutions (you thought we forgot about those, didn’t you?).

With the arrival of these new Fruit Pops, we have a new frozen treat we can enjoy this Spring and Summer, and that is definitely something to get excited over.

Personally, I am thrilled about the arrival of both a Pineapple bar and a Lime bar from Halo Top, and of course I absolutely have to give the Coconut bar a try to. After all, at least when I enjoy one of these frozen treats there is less guilt in the snacking.

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Which of these five new Fruit Pops are you excited to try? Will you be grabbing a box of these Pops for your freezer? Tell us in the comments below.