This foodie mascot was once a DC Comics superhero and could be again

Photo: Super Friends.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Super Friends.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /

When it comes to DC Comics, there are a lot of characters in the mix. But one foodie mascot even had his time to shine and could in the future too!

So which foodie mascot made it big in the DC Comics? Well, it just so happens that the Colonel himself, Colonel Sanders, joined forces with members of the Justice League for a three part comics mini-series.

That’s Guilty Eaters, at one point not only was Colonel Sanders a superhero in a DC Comics series, but they even left the door open for him to return! So when did we miss this magic?

According to Mashed, the series began in 2015 with KFC: The Colonel of Two Worlds. In this story, we see Colonel Sanders partnering up with the Justice League in order to defeat his Earth-3 counterpart, known as Colonel Sunder. This take on the Colonel is not a fan of hard work and even has his own take on the iconic chicken chain, but he is all about the “low-quality” and “cheap” when it comes to his fried chicken offerings. The fact that he is also willing to bring in more money by hiring people to rob others makes it clear he needs to be stopped.

Colonel Sanders has been a hero in the DC Comics before and maybe he can be again

In order to stop Colonel Sunder, Colonel Sanders joins up with the Green Lantern and the Flash to put a stop to his counterpart and send him right back to Earth-3 where he belongs. And while things seemed to be going well once Colonel Sanders sent the Sunder packing, in his second outing with the Justice League in 2016 for The Crisis of Infinite Colonels, our foodie hero must once again put a stop to the Sunder.

The third and final entry from DC Comics came in 2017 and was titled, KFC #3 Across the Universe. And yes, it is more Colonel hijinks, while also reminding us that even in the real world, we have seen plenty of versions of Colonel Sanders on our screens and in the restaurants. Remember the cosplaying Colonel Sanders in Japan? How about the fact that Colonel Sanders has been on General Hospital?

When it comes to going all out, Colonel Sanders is a foodie mascot with a varied resume. From his heroic turn in the DC Comics to his many iconic moments on our screens and beyond, he is always going above and beyond to remind us that KFC has delicious fried chicken.

So does it come as any surprise that by the end of his run in the three part KFC miniseries for DC Comics the members of the Justice League that he worked with mentioned that they “could use a man like” him as part of their team? And since he mentioned that he might consider joining forces with them again in the future (he mentions having to retire first of course), it is entirely possible that Colonel Sanders could once again join forces with other members of the DC Comics universe.

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But would you want to see more of Colonel Sanders in the DC Comics? Do you think there is more to the story than what has already been published? Are you surprised that the Colonel was actually a comic superhero at one point? We need to know! (Do you even remember these comics?)