Snack review: Belli Welli snack bars that help your gut out

Insomnia Cookies Launches New Chocolate Cookie Butter Desserts. Image courtesy Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies Launches New Chocolate Cookie Butter Desserts. Image courtesy Insomnia Cookies /

From IBS, to even just simple tummy aches and other tummy/gut troubles, it may be difficult to find a snack, a treat at that, that makes you feel good while you’re eating it too! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then stay tuned for an honest review on a couple of the flavors that are offered with….Belli Welli Snack Bars!

What is Belli Welli? Well, Katie and her husband Nick (and young daughter Winnie) crafted the perfect gut-friendly snack bar that resembles a brownie all in one. With over 70% of the population suffering from some sort of gut issue (from the most simple problem, to the most complex), this bar couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, to the most perfect group of (hungry) people.

Onto the taste test….do Belli Welli Snack Bars measure up? Let’s see how it tastes!

Currently, there are four (4) different flavors of Belli Welli Snack Bars (but hey, who knows what could happen, and what other flavors may be added to the mix/repertoire later on in life, right). Those four (4) flavors go as follows: (1) Minty Chocolate, (2) Fudge Brownie – tasted it, (3) Cinnamon Swirl/Cinnamon Coffee- tasted it, and finally (4) Lemon White Chocolate.

Personally, for me, the taste reminded me of some sort of vitamin-like taste. While the taste might not have necessarily been my most favorite, it definitely would be the bar for you if you suffer from a variance of gut issues (which I personally do not, so maybe that’s why the taste was a little bit off for me for some odd reason).

The first one I tasted was the Fudge Brownie flavor; it was super chocolatey and rich upon first bite (which, come on, who doesn’t love a rich chocolatey brownie, am I right). The second one I tasted was the Cinnamon Swirl/Cinnamon Coffee flavor; it reminded me of cinnamon-flavored cereal milk after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, mixed in with some Golden Grahams cereal milk as well.

Again, for me, the bars could’ve been a wee bit sweeter; however, they are the absolute perfect bars if you have gut issues and just wanna eat a sweet treat without having a stomach ache each and every time.

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Have you tried Belli Welli Snack Bars yet? If so, tell us your thoughts! If not, buy a sampler pack on their website, so you don’t have to choose just one!