You can enjoy Butterbeer at the Harry Potter flagship store in New York City this summer!

Butterbeer Arrives in NY at the Harry Potter Flagship Store
Butterbeer Arrives in NY at the Harry Potter Flagship Store /

Potterheads of NYC rejoice! Butterbeer has officially landed at the Harry Potter Flagship Store in New York City. And, Luna Lovegood herself has already had a drink at the Butterbeer Bar which opens to patrons on June 3.

I know it is a lot to take in wizarding world fans! After all, it’s not every day that we learn that we can indulge with one of the more iconic beverages in the Potterverse. Plus, the fact that Luna herself has already had a sip in the same place we can actually sit down for a spell (get it), that just takes this news to the next level.

Not only can we now enjoy Butterbeer at the Harry Potter Store in New York City, but the store even created their very own bar to go with it, taking the experience of enjoying a bit of time in this Harry Potter-centric world that much more fun. But then to add in the fact that Evanna Lynch, who played Luna in the movies, has already christened the bar for the rest of us Muggles makes this even more enticing.

According to the press email we received, not only will we be able to get Butterbeer at the flagship store, but we will even be able to pull up a seat at the bar and really immerse ourselves in the wizarding world for a bit.

Butterbeer Arrives in NY at the Harry Potter Flagship Store /

The Harry Potter Flagship Store in NYC is indulging our Butterbeer needs

But that’s not what has us ready to pack our bags and head to New York City for a weekend in June. Instead, it is all about the experience. What do I mean by that? Read on to see how this new addition to the flagship store has been described:

"Once inside the Butterbeer Bar, fans will be greeted by a giant cascade of glowing Butterbeer bottles, each completed with an exclusive collectible MinaLima label. Nearly 1,000 bottles will rise from the floor and ‘float’ over the bar as Butterbeer moves magically across the ceiling through copper pipes. Witches, wizards, Muggles, No-majes, and New Yorkers alike are invited to visit the store for a frothy cup of Butterbeer served in souvenir tankard, a refreshing Butterbeer ice cream or freshly poured bottled Butterbeer accompanied by range of wizarding world inspired treats."

Now I don’t know about you, but I am sold. Having already had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of Butterbeer once before, I can tell you that it is worth trying at least once (if you haven’t already). And not only that, but to experience all of this magic in a store devoted to our wizarding world love makes it that much better.

Even people who aren’t obsessed with Harry Potter can appreciate the fact that the store has really gone all out and committed to making every visit to their store a truly magical moment. I can’t wait to head to the flagship store to enjoy a perfect sip, some wizarding world sips, and all of the magic that my little Muggle heart can handle.

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Are you excited by the news that you can now enjoy this iconic wizarding world drink for yourself at the Harry Potter flagship store? Will you be planning a trip to NYC for this experience? Tell us in the comments below.