Walmart is turning up the heat this summer with new Marketside Sriracha Hamburger Buns

Marketside Sriracha Hamburger Buns. Image courtesy of Walmart
Marketside Sriracha Hamburger Buns. Image courtesy of Walmart /

When it comes to summer grilling and cookouts, Walmart is often our go to shopping destination for all we need. And this summer they are turning up the heat.

In a press email we received from the fine people at Walmart, we learned that this summer they are kicking up the heat when it comes to our grilling life. And while we already know summer is all about heat, for this drop they are talking about hamburgers.

Hamburgers are often the king of our grills, and when it comes to putting them together, we can’t forget the condiments, the buns, and all the toppings. And while we often think about just a plain bun or even a sesame seed bun for our burgers, Walmart wants to change the way we eat this summer.

Introducing the arrival of the Marketside Sriracha Hamburger Buns! These buns bring the heat, at least a medium heat, in a soft and fluffy bun that adds a kick to our traditional burgers of summer.

Walmart introduces the Marketside Sriracha Hamburger Buns for summer 2021 but only for a limited time!

These new Sriracha hamburger buns really are only available for a limited time. So what does this mean?

It means that if you are a fan of a little heat with your burgers, then you need to hit up a Walmart ASAP. That’s because while these buns are available right now, they are set to go away after July 4. That’s right these are like Independence Day buns and that’s it!

If you want to kick things up a notch with your burgers from now until July 4, you can snag a bag of six of these buns for just $3.98. And honestly, this might just be the best way to enjoy an epic cookout in June and even for the fourth of July.

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What do you think of these new Marketside Buns? Will you be snagging bags of these for your June cookouts or for your fourth of July? Do you want these to be a more permanent addition to Walmart’s lineup? Tell us in the comments below.