Tillamook wants more cream in ice cream instead of “ice air”

Tillamook and Ice Cream Superfan Baddie Winkle pair up to form the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream. Image courtesy Tillamook
Tillamook and Ice Cream Superfan Baddie Winkle pair up to form the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream. Image courtesy Tillamook /

Did you know that often times when we eat ice cream, we are getting more air than cream? Well, not if you enjoy Tillamook! And that’s why the ice cream brand is also doing their part to promote a creamier ice cream experience.

In a recent partnership with Instagram style icon Baddie Winkle, Tillamook has created the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream! And what is this partnership? Well, basically it is an entire movement to make sure that all ice cream lovers are getting what they deserve – ice cream that is creamier and made with more cream than air!

The entire goal of this partnership is to promote the idea that ice cream should be about the cream and not the air, and we could not agree more. After all, creamier ice cream is never a bad thing. So what exactly led to this decision to create a “Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream?” It was a survey of ice cream lovers in the U.S. of course.

Tillamook wants us to have ice cream that is all about the cream and not the ice air

According to the national survey which helped prompt Tillamook to launch this ice cream initiative,

"9 in 10 Americans think cream is the most important ingredient when making a really good ice cream.91% of moms prefer EXTRA creamy ice cream (mama knows best)!83% of Millennials consider themselves to be ice cream experts when it comes to cream and airpreferences in their ice cream.59% of Americans prefer to eat ice cream in peace and quiet, BY THEMSELVES"

Since 1947, Tillamook has “been making ice cream with more cream and less air than industry standards.” So it makes sense that they would be leading the charge to make our ice cream creamier. And partnering with Baddie Winkle, a self-professed ice cream super fan also makes perfect sense with her Instagram following and appreciation for the sweet treat we love too.

As ice cream lovers, we want the cream and not the air and to know that Tillamook will make that possible means that we are all about stocking our freezers with gallons of their deliciousness. In fact, after trying their vanilla ice cream in a homemade milkshake, I can honestly say that the way they make their ice cream really does make a difference in the way we enjoy this icy, sweet treat.

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What do you think of this partnership and Tillamook’s efforts to make our ice cream creamier? Are you a fan of Tillamook ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor? Tell us below.