A small bake shop in Texas felt the love after receiving hate for sharing Pride-inspired cookies

June means Pride month, and while we can talk about how big corporations are pandering to the people or how we should be celebrating, one small bake shop in Texas has felt the love after experiencing some hate.

Confections is a small “cookie, cupcake, and sandwich shop” located in Lufkin, Texas. They are a small town bake shop with a big heart, and they decided to show some love for Pride month by posting a picture of heart cookies with rainbow icing on them. The caption for the picture was simple, “More LOVE. Less Hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here.”

However, this simple message of acceptance and love apparently lead to some hate being sent their way. In a follow up post on Facebook, the Confections shop shared that a big order for summer cookies (which they had already finished up and decorated) had been canceled at the last minute and that they were receiving less than pleasant messages as well.

It didn’t take long for the love to come their way. And social media did their part in helping Confections feel the same love they shared with the LGBTQ community.

Confections in Texas feels the love following their support of Pride

In a series of follow up posts on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, Confections shared the news that they were feeling the love from the community. It turns out that when people learned about the hate the bake shop was receiving for supporting the LGBTQ community for Pride month, they wanted to show the shop their own support and appreciation.

And that led to some of the longest lines the shop has ever had, selling out of everything in store, and even donations to the charities that Confections loves to support, including the Blue Collar Mutts Rescue. Even Alyssa Edwards reached out to the bake shop to find out if they offer shipping!

While they may have felt some hate after sharing their Pride month love, it is clear that now the bakery knows that they have more support in the world than they ever could have imagined. We love to see a community rally around a small business like this, and we are here for this type of love and support. Hopefully they offer shipping soon so we can all enjoy the gorgeous cookies this little bake shop in Texas is sharing on their social media pages!

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