Shake Shack is celebrating Pride Month with a Shake to support the Trevor Project

Shake Shack Pride Shake is back. Image courtesy of Shake Shack
Shake Shack Pride Shake is back. Image courtesy of Shake Shack /

June is Pride Month and many companies and organizations are stepping up to offer their support in some way. At Shake Shack that means dropping a Pride Shake.

In a new blog post on the Shake Shack website titled, Together We Stand UNSHAKEABLE, the company explained that over the years and through a pandemic, things have changed in the world and with Pride. However, that doesn’t mean the fight for justice and equality has lessened.

In honor of Pride Month 2021, Shake Shack has once again partnered with the Trevor Project to support their current “Here” campaign. According to their post this campaign will help “to raise funds that’ll enable Trevor to serve an additional 100,000 crisis contacts from LGBTQ+ youth. 1.8 million LGBTQ+ youth have seriously considered suicide in the U.S. in the past year.”

To do their part to support the Trevor Project, Shake Shack is bringing back their Pride Shake, but with a new flavor.

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Shake Shack is bringing back their Pride Shake for June 2021

The new Pride Shake is made using both strawberry and blackberry frozen custard, and it is then topped with a blend of passion fruit and mango. From there it gets whipped cream and of course it wouldn’t be a Pride Shake without rainbow glitter. And even the cup itself will show off its Pride, as the iconic burger on the Shake Shack shake cups will feature the colors of Pride as they were redesigned in 2018.

According to the blog post, the iconic burger will feature the redesigned Pride colors and, “This color palette has the original rainbow, and includes the important addition of black and brown to represent people of color, as well as light pink and light blue representing the Trans pride flag.”

This shake will only be available from June 1 until June 30, and five percent of the profits for the shake will be donated to the Trevor Project. So if you want to enjoy a tasty shake and support a good cause, you’ll need to head to Shake Shack in June!

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Are you looking forward to grabbing a limited edition Pride Shake in June? What do you think of this year’s flavor of shake? Let us know in the comments.