Jamba is getting into summer with the return of two flavors

Jamba’s Fan-Favorite Watermelon Breeze & Summer Blackberry Smoothies. Image courtesy Jamba's
Jamba’s Fan-Favorite Watermelon Breeze & Summer Blackberry Smoothies. Image courtesy Jamba's /

Ah the smoothie. The healthier, guilt free distant cousin of the ice cream milkshake. The kind of cold, refreshing drink you can pick up at your local Jamba and enjoy without worrying if your shorts will actually fit the next day.

Even though I’m a self-professed ice cream junkie, even I will admit that smoothies have a special place in my heart. There is just something about a drink made of fresh seasonal fruit that makes a summer day feel all the more special.

Jamba knows this and has announced they are brining back a pair of summer smoothie favorites for what they are calling their Bestie Summer Ever. Two flavors that their fans love and have missed since they left the menu.

As an added bonus for the Jamba faithful, you’re going to be able to try one early if you are a member of My Jamba Rewards. And seriously, what serious smoothie fan isn’t?

Jamba brings back Watermelon Breeze and Summer Blackberry smoothies.

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First up is the return of Watermelon Breeze, which is available now. It includes watermelon and grapes blended together with raspberry sherbert, strawberries and pineapples. And then starting July 6 there is the Summer Blackberry smoothie. It is made from a combination of blackberry and pear juice mixed with oat milk frozen dessert, vanilla coconut milk, and pineapple.

And that My Jamba Rewards perk I mentioned? If you’re a member you get early access to the return of the Summer Blackberry smoothie between July 2 and July 4.

As if that wasn’t enough, on June 20, which happens to be the first day of summer, you can get a BOGO on any food item if you order in person, using the app or ordering on the website. Just use the code FOODBOGO can you’re in.

Could Jamba make things even more fun? Heck yes! On National Smoothie Day, which falls on June 21, you can get a free small Watermelon Breeze when you buy any smoothie through the website or app when you use the code SUMMERBOGO.

As if summer didn’t have enough good things going for it, Jamba raises the stakes and takes the fun to another level.

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