Breyers celebrates National Insurance Awareness Day with their own Cookie Coverage

Breyers Cookies & Cream Frozen Dessert with 20% more cookies. Image courtesy of Breyers
Breyers Cookies & Cream Frozen Dessert with 20% more cookies. Image courtesy of Breyers /

Did you know that June 28 is National Insurance Awareness Day? (Yes, it is a real thing!) And in honor of this day of insurance, Breyers has found a way to celebrate with their very own insurance policy – the Cookie Coverage!

Not only are they introducing this Cookie Coverage (which I’ll explain shortly), but they are also giving us the latest insurance spokesanimal on the block, Cookie the Cow! That’s right, they have an insurance cow at Breyers now.

But there is an amazing reason for those of us who love Cookies and Cream ice cream! Just in time for National Insurance Awareness Day, Breyers is giving us a Cookies and Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert with a whopping 20 percent more cookies in every container! It is all about taking the cookies to cream ratio and making sure there are even more cookies in the mix. And we are here for this.

Breyers launches Cookie Coverage in honor of National Insurance Awareness Day

So how does the Cookie Coverage work and what do you need to know about this updated Breyers treat?

"Starting on Monday 6/28, fans can sign up for a FREE policy at After signing up, fans will instantly receive an official insurance certificate for 50% off their next tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream ($2 coupon value) AND protection of their tub’s cookies & cream goodness."

The guarantee with this Cookie Coverage is that if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the amount of cookies in your Cookies and Cream dessert, you can file a claim on the Cookie Coverage website (make sure you actually sign up for the policy!) to get a new tub of Cookies and Cream for free.

Available at retailers nationwide, this is a chance to enjoy a classic flavor of frozen dessert taken to the next level.

And after getting to try a tub of this new and improved Cookies and Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert with 20 percent more cookies, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed (unless of course you’re actually looking for a tub of cookies and then maybe check the cookie aisle and not the ice cream coolers in the grocery store).

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Are you excited for more cookies in your Cookies and Cream from Breyers? What do you think of how they are celebrating National Insurance Awareness Day? Let us know what you think Guilty Eaters – we need to know!