Little Bites gives us a new take on small sweet treats for summer

New Little Bites® Mini Tarts! Image courtesy Entenmann’s
New Little Bites® Mini Tarts! Image courtesy Entenmann’s /

Looking for a tiny sweet treat this summer? Then you need to give the latest treats from Entenmann’s a try, as they are giving us three new Little Bites to choose from this summer that are like bite size pies in a bag.

Just in time for all of our summer gatherings, picnics, and road trips, Entenmann’s is giving us three new boxes of Little Bites. And those Little Bites happen to be Soft Baked Mini Tarts.

So what are the three new flavors or Mini Tarts and just how good are they really?

Entenmann’s releases three flavors of Little Bites Mini Tarts for summer

The three flavors of Soft Baked Mini Tarts are Apple, Cinnamon and Strawberry. And after coming across boxes of these tarts (which are basically tiny pies) there was no way we weren’t trying them.

Considering how much I love Entenmann’s products already, as soon as I saw the Mini Tarts I knew I had to try them. And the first box I snagged was the Apple Mini Tarts. And if you have ever indulged in apple hand pies, then you already exactly what to expect with these tarts.

Just like the box says, these little tarts are soft and have just the right amount of filling in every bite. They are not too sweet, but they perfectly satisfy the sweet tooth. And while I started with the apple, the strawberry was also rather indulgent in its own way.

I will say that if you love cinnamon, these mini tarts are a good choice for a sweet treat on the go, but they weren’t my favorite. Then again, if you pop an apple and a cinnamon mini tart at the same time that is a whole different treat and it works!

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Have you seen these Little Bites Mini Tarts in store? Have you tried them yet? If you have, what do you think? Let us know what you think Guilty Eaters.