Go-Gurt wants us to solve the mystery of these new flavors

Go-GURT Mystery. image courtesy Yoplait
Go-GURT Mystery. image courtesy Yoplait /

We love Yoplait yogurts. And we love Go-Gurt! But when we get a chance to try mystery flavors, we are all over that, because we love a good mystery. That’s why we are beyond excited by the launch of Go-Gurt Mystery boxes.

In June, Yoplait decided that it was the perfect time for us to solve a mystery. And that’s where our favorite tube of yogurt on the go came into play.

According to a press release we received from the mystery lovers over at General Mills, “this June, four limited-edition Go-GURT Mystery Flavors, in 8-ct and 16-ct packs will be coming out one-by-one and it’s up to consumers to solve the mystery.” (So, obviously these have already come out since it is already July at this point, but you get the idea.)

Go-Gurt wants us to solve the mystery of their new flavors

So how are you supposed to solve the mystery of these flavors? Well there is a website you can visit or you can scan the QR Code on the box (it is also on the tube of yogurt as well). And from there, just enter your flavor guess for a chance at a number of amazing prizes.

So what could you win for guessing the mystery? There are gift cards, swag prizes and even technology prizes. But the grand prize is an epic $5,000, which we think is an amazing prize for guessing a mystery yogurt flavor.

If you love Go-Gurt, solving mysteries, and of course winning prizes, then this is your summer. Not only do we get to enjoy mystery yogurt flavors on the go, but we can potentially win a $5,000 grand prize for doing it. Sounds like a winning situation to me.

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But what do you think Guilty Eaters? Does solving a yogurt mystery excite you too? Will you be guessing for the grand prize? Have you tried the mystery Go-Gurt yet? Let us know in the comments.