Yoplait is bringing the nostalgia and childhood fun with their new Gushers yogurt

Yoplait gives us childhood joy with the addition of Gushers

Do you remember as a kid when you would find a pack of Gushers in your lunch? Or maybe you would come home from school and bite down on the fruit snack in order to enjoy the burst of juiciness found in the center of these treats? If that’s you, then you are going to love these new Yoplait yogurts!

That’s right, Yoplait is going all in on the joy of being a kid with their latest release! In a press release, we learned all about these new must try yogurts (and we can’t wait to try them for ourselves).

It turns out that there are three flavor to choose from in this special summer release. We are talking Green Apple, Tropical Punch, and even Blue Raspberry.

What can you expect from Yoplait Gushers?

According to Delish, a lot of the buzz around these new yogurts began on social media when an Instagram foodie account shared pictures of the new flavors. And while we may have originally wondered if this was a joke or just a “we wish this product existed” type of post, Yoplait really did gift us with these new yogurts.

Each flavor starts off with a regular yogurt base, that is then kicked up a notch with the help of the Gushers. And yes, we are talking about full fledged juice-filled fruit snacks.

This isn’t the first time that Yoplait has given us a mashup of yogurt and candy/fruit snacks. However, this might just be our favorite. Maybe it is the fact that Gushers make us smile no matter how or when we enjoy them. Or maybe it is the three flavors we have to choose from, but this new yogurt is definitely our favorite summer release so far!

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Have you seen the Yoplait Gushers yogurt in stores yet? Have you snagged either of these flavors to try? If so, what did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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