Sonic redefines what “New and Improved” can really mean

A Sonic restaurant on September 25, 2018 in Cicero, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
A Sonic restaurant on September 25, 2018 in Cicero, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

You have to hand it to Sonic. They may not be a major player in the world of fast food like McDonald’s or Burger King, but they sure do try hard. I always thought the idea of ordering from your car and having the food brought out to you was a great way to stand apart and they do innovate when it comes to their menu.

However, nothing prepared me for the ground-breaking innovation Sonic has announced is coming to the chain. When I saw it, my mind was literally blown. I mean, how can the other fast food giants survive in the face of such a bold and drastic change?

Are we at the precipice of a new Fast Food Wars that will make the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars seem like a minor kerfuffle? Could Sonic soon take it’s place at the top of the fast food pyramid? Because what they have planned could change the game forever.

Get ready. Because according to the fine folks at Chewboom, who you can be sure were just as shocked as we were, it seems that Sonic is rebranding their cheeseburgers as “New and Improved.”

The incredibly drastic change Sonic is making to their cheeseburgers.

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So how exactly are their cheeseburgers “New and Improved”? Are you sitting down? Are you mentally prepared for the answer? Because I wasn’t sure I was.

The secret is that Sonic is adding ketchup and mayo to them! Yes, ketchup and mayo will now be standard on all Sonic cheeseburgers as well as the beef patty, cheese, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes that you will already find on them.

Like I said, this is big people. Innovation at the highest level. A real game changer.

You can find the “New and Improved” cheeseburgers at all Sonic locations as you read this. Try to contain your excitement and admiration for a minute and experience the greatness for yourself.

Sonic gives us an update on how they have really taken their menu to the next level

*Editorial note* After our piece went live, Sonic wanted us to know that their burger improvements don’t stop at the condiments. Here are all the other ways they are taking their menu to the next level:

"The bun is lighter and softer, toasted to perfection.The patty is bigger, thicker, juicier and perfectly seasoned.The cheese is now stacked between the bottom bun and the burger patty, so it gets heat from both sides to make sure it’s nice and melty.The pickles are crinkle cut and crunchier due to being refrigerator-cured.The lettuce is chopped into bigger pieces for a crisper bite and fresher taste.The tomatoes are ripened in-house, and hand sliced for the ideal texture.The onion is now diced in-house for a crisper texture.Each burger comes with ketchup and mayo to tie all the flavors together."

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