DiGiorno launching new summer merch line

DiGiorno Summer Merch. Image courtesy DiGiorno
DiGiorno Summer Merch. Image courtesy DiGiorno /

Another food brand has launched a line of clothes and summer gear. Will it ever stop? Probably not any time soon. The latest brand is DiGiorno Pizza. They have just come out with a summer clothing and beach gear line that is inspired by the food they make the best. Pizza.

The first item in the line is a one-piece bathing suit. And it may be slightly controversial depending on your opinion of whether pineapple should be on pizza or not. The swimsuit is a classic red, says “Pineapple Pizza Summer” across it, and has a pineapple, a pizza slice and a sun at the bottom. It’s available for $49.

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Next up are a pair of red beach shorts that are covered in slices of DiGiorno pizza. But it’s not just any pizza slices all over these shorts, it’s Hawaiian pizza slices. The shorts are currently $49 on the shopDigiorno website.

There are also the Croissant Crust Pizza shorts. These are covered with whole croissant crust pepperoni pizzas. They are layered on top of each other so there is no space in between. it’s an all-pizza pattern. They also say Digiorno on the left leg. They’re also $49.

DiGiorno introduces new swimwear and summer gear line

You can also take your pizza to the beach with a Digiorno pizza beach towel. They have two different options: pineapple pizza and Croissant Crust pizza. The Pineapple pizza option says “Pineapple Pizza Summer across the entire towel and behind the words are a bunch of pineapple/Hawaiian pizzas.

As you can probably guess, the Croissant Crust Pizza towel is covered in the pizza it’s named after. It looks just like the pattern on the shorts just in towel form. The towels are $39 each.

I don’t know who is buying this stuff. The swimsuit is pretty cute and the towels are nice, but the shorts are kind of a lot. That’s a lot of pizza on your legs.

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Will you be picking up something from this Digiorno merch line? What’s your favorite item? Let us know in the comments below!