South Korea’s Mom’s Touch opens first U.S. location

Fried chicken breasts, ready to be served. Kinlaw's Welcome Grill, 1816 Sapona Road, Fayetteville.Dsc08936
Fried chicken breasts, ready to be served. Kinlaw's Welcome Grill, 1816 Sapona Road, Fayetteville.Dsc08936 /

Just when you thought it was finally over, the conflict begins all over again. We’re talking about the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars which devoured the foodie landscape in 2020. We thought all the players had reached some kind of understanding and while skirmishes still flare up occasionally, it was nothing like what we saw. Of course, that was before Mom’s Touch joined the fray.

You are likely thinking to yourself “What is Mom’s Touch and what do they have to do with the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars?” That would make a lot of sense because until now they were only located in Asia, primarily South Korea where the chain got its start.

But that has all changed and a new player has officially entered the Chicken Wars with the opening of the first Mom’s Touch located in the United States. As reported by Yahoo, in June the chain opened their first location in California on Redondo Beach Boulevard.

And that is just the beginning as plans are already afoot to open many more locations all over California including in Long Beach. You can be sure it won’t be long before there will be a Mom’s Touch near you.

So what kind of food can you get at Mom’s Touch?

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Mom’s Touch prides itself on fresh ingredients and what may seem like a fairly simple menu when compared to other fast food chains. According to their website that is a conscious decision in order to keep things as fresh as possible.

As for what you can get, they carry all the traditional items you would find at many fried chicken restaurants. That includes wings made with a variety of sauces, chicken fingers, sides such as french fries and mashed potatoes and of course, chicken sandwiches.

They have three different versions of their chicken sandwiches and each one sounds pretty unique. It seems that the sandwiches are what keep bringing people back. A simple YouTube search will show video after video of people raving about them. And from looking at them I can see why. If we’re being honest they look delicious.

With the foodie world all about everything chick as of late, you can be sure it won’t be long before a Mom’s Touch opens near you. And it seems like the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars may have just been beginning.

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