Tiny Food Fight is coming to Discovery Plus this fall

Henry Bain steak burger slider. Image Courtesy Churchill Downs
Henry Bain steak burger slider. Image Courtesy Churchill Downs /

While tedious to make and not at all filling, tiny food is delightful and adorable. Nothing is cuter than a tiny stack of pancakes or a little sandwich that even a mouse would be like “is that it?!” And it seems the TV gods also approve because a new tiny cooking competition show is coming out later this fall.

Tiny Food Fight is coming to Discovery Plus on Thursday, Sept 16. Each episode will have two rounds and show three contestants being challenged to create tiny food based on different themes.

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The themes will include fair food, little bites for a birthday party, and small versions of food from all around the world.

But it’s not just the food that’s small. The cooks will also have to use small utensils, bowls, and appliances to make the food. This is probably going to be the hardest part.

Tiny Food Fight coming to Discovery Plus this September

By the end of each episode, whoever made the best tiny foods will win $5,000 and a tiny trophy.

The show will be hosted by YouTube star, Mamrie Hart. She created the popular show, You Deserve A Drink, and has a huge amount of followers that are sure to watch her on this new competition series as well. There will also be one judge, Darnell Ferguson, who is a Chopped champion.

As Discovery Plus is owned by Discovery Inc. who also owns Food Network, this show is bound to have some Food Network stars sprinkled into it as well. Maybe as guest judges?

With the popularity of the tiny food trend on social media (especially TikTok), this is sure to be a popular show for Discovery Plus.

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