5 Drinks perfect for your back to school sipping

Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon Water, photo by Sandy Casanova
Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon Water, photo by Sandy Casanova /

When it comes to prepping for back to school, we often think about the food and the snacks, but what about the drinks? We need to sip on delicious things too. And luckily, we have a few options to choose from.

Whether bottled or canned, or maybe even in a juice box, these drinks are perfect for throwing into your backpack, lunch bag, or even your briefcase, and sipping away your thirst.

So what are these amazing drinks we have chosen for your back to school sipping needs? I’m so glad you asked!

5 drinks you’ll want to add to your back to school sipping rotation

Shine Water

Currently available in six refreshing and delicious flavors, Shine Water is the perfect way to get Vitamin D in your diet. You can snag bottles of Shine Water at places like Target and 7-Eleven, making it an easy to pick up choice when planning for your back to school lunch.

My two favorite flavors are their Coconut Lime and the Strawberry Lemon. And while the other flavors are also delicious, these two are so good you won’t even miss soda or juice.

Lemon Perfect

As a fan of all things lemon, I am obsessed with Lemon Perfect. This brand is all about deliver cold-pressed lemon water in delicious flavors. From a classic lemon water flavor to Pineapple Coconut, this is bottled water taken to the next level. This is hydration done right and it is one of our favorite drinks on the market right now. (Seriously, when we find a favorite water brand, we like to mention it often enough that you don’t forget about it.)

Smart Cups

Want something innovative and delicious, while also quenching your thirst? Then you need Smart Cups in your life. Currently available in two flavors perfect for the kid in us all (and of course the kids for real), a press email we received about Smart Cups Refreshers described them as, “Refreshers is a new kid-friendly offering of vitamin packed and healthy drinks, in addition to the company’s first offering, Energy Drinks.” Try them yourself and let us know what you think!

Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar

Okay, I know soda is not necessarily the best back to school drink of choice, but how can any of us resist Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar? As a fan of Dr Pepper and Cream Soda, bringing these two flavors together feels like the perfect marriage. And then to have it as a Zero Sugar option just makes it that much better. Talk about a pick-me-up after a long day of learning just feels right. (And since this is the only soda on the list, I feel like we can make an exception for this one.)

Essentia Water

We love bottled water. And we love when our water is fresh and clean (obviously), but there is something extra special about Essentia Water. This is “an ionized alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or higher,” which makes this a refreshing drink that does more than just hydrate, it also makes you feel good. You can never go wrong with a bottle of water and we think this is perfect for all your back to school sipping needs.

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There are so many drinks to choose from when heading back to school. But hopefully, these five will keep your sipping delicious and even healthy. We only want the best and these are some of the best.