Wayne Brady helped kick off the sixth season of Nailed It with more laughs than ever

Wayne Brady on Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Wayne Brady on Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

The sixth season of the baking series Nailed It! dropped on Netflix on September 15. And with it came plenty of laughs thanks to Wayne Brady.

Even before Season 6 of Nailed It! hit Netflix, we knew whenever the show returned, we would be in for more baking catastrophes and laughs. And thanks to comedian and host Wayne Brady, we definitely got even more laughs than normal.

At one point, it seemed like Brady was regretting all of his life choices when he realized what he was in for on this show. But, he was also a good sport about everything that came his way – including finding a piece of hair in his cookie (or maybe it was just on his cookie, but still). And he even created an entire story for one of the final bake cakes, that was so ridiculous that it almost worked.

Nailed It! kicked off their sixth season with the help of Wayne Brady

While Wayne Brady was only a guest judge in the very first episode of the season, the fact that he helped kick things off was enough to get us ready for even more kitchen shenanigans. Not only did we laugh more than ever before, but it was great to see him having fun too and throwing out the kind of one liners we expect from him anyway.

Of course, once we got passed the premiere episode with Brady, the fun and laughter didn’t stop there. And much like in previous seasons, it was a mixed bag of disasters and in some cases tasty bakes.

We love Nailed It! and all of the fun that the bakers have in their attempts to recreate masterpieces. And we are so glad that we got a whole new season of disasters! (Now when can we get a new season?)

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Have you watched the new season of Nailed It! yet? If you have, what did you think? Were you a fan of the Wayne Brady episode? Which episode was your favorite? We want to know.