Denny’s is all about the perfect eggs benedict with these three Bennys

Southwestern Eggs Benny. Image courtesy of Denny's
Southwestern Eggs Benny. Image courtesy of Denny's /

Do you love eggs Benedict? Do you like to change it up and make it different without losing what makes it a Benedict? Denny’s has three options that do just that (even as one of the choices is much more in line with a classic eggs Benedict dish).

We love a good eggs Benedict and we also love when we can get it anytime of the week, especially considering this is often considered a brunch dish. Luckily for us, we have Denny’s.

Over the last few years, they have given us not one, not two, but three eggs Benedict dishes also known as their Benny Breakfasts. And what better way is there to enjoy Fall than with some delicious breakfast dishes that are also perfect for brunch? In fact, that is exactly how the fine folks at Denny’s feel too, as they pointed out that, “as summer ends and Americans look forward to a new season, we wanted to create a menu that inspires families to gather around the table and enjoy a comforting meal together.”

So if you are craving something a bit more traditional this Fall, Denny’s has us covered. But which Benny Breakfasts do we have to enjoy this season?

These three eggs Benedict dishes from Denny’s are perfect for Fall and beyond

  • Classic Benny Breakfast – This is truly a classic eggs Benedict, which means we get an English muffin with an over-medium egg, ham, and a hollandaise sauce.
  • Southwestern Benny Breakfast – For this eggs Benedict breakfast, Denny’s gives us an English muffin that has chorizo, pico de gallo, over-medium eggs, a hollandaise sauce, and even a 5-pepper sauce.
  • Prime Rib Benny Breakfast – For this eggs Benedict, we actually get a new take on the classic. For this breakfast we start with bacon cheddar potato cakes, these are then topped with the over-medium eggs, Prime Rib, and of course, hollandaise sauce.

Honestly, all three of these eggs Benny dishes sound delicious. And as fans of eggs Benedict, we are here for these breakfasts, and we know what we want for brunch this weekend.

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Have you tried one of these three eggs Benedict breakfasts from Denny’s? Which one are you a fan of? Are you a classic eggs Benedict person or do you like to shake things up? We want to know.