Target gives us tricks and treats this Halloween for under $10

Target Halloween Offerings. Image courtesy Target
Target Halloween Offerings. Image courtesy Target /

In the lead up to one of our favorite holidays of the year, Halloween, Target is making sure we have all the tricks and treats we need. On top of having all the treats we need for Halloween, they are also making sure we can afford these goodies.

We love stocking up on holiday goodies and with these items being $10 and under, we actually can without any guilt (we may be Guilty Eats, but we don’t want all the guilt).

So what exactly is Target giving us this Halloween? Not only are they giving us classic candies and treats, but there are Crafty Cookie Kits and even “Candy Decor to Die For.”

Target gives us Halloween treats for under $10 that let us have some family fun

Target Halloween Offerings. Image courtesy Target /

Among the spooky cookie kits available for those of us looking to get into the Halloween spirit, Target is giving us:

All things considered, how often can you get your hands on cookies for under $10, let alone a cookie kit that lets you create spooky settings and characters. Not only can we create an entire haunted village with all of the kits, but these are a perfect way to spend some time with friends and families that is fun and ends with a delicious treat.

Of course, the cookie kits were not the only must have tricks and treats from Target for Halloween 2021. Because you can’t have a haunted village without all the trimmings. So, what else did Target give us that we can’t resist?

Target Halloween Offerings. Image courtesy Target /
  • Hyde & EEK! Gummy Candy Decorations Witch Hat – $5.00
  • Hyde & EEK! Gummy Candy Decorations Knives – $5.00
  • Hyde & EEK! Gummy Candy Decorations Jack-o-Lanterns and Candy Corn – $5.00
  • Hyde & EEK! Candy Eyeball – $3.75
  • Hyde & EEK! Rest in Pieces Chewy Candies – $4.99
  • Hyde & EEK! Skeleton Bones Hard Candy – $3.49

I am not going to lie, I am obsessed with the Hyde & EEK! line of products in general, but these candy pieces and candy decor bits are absolutely a must. Not only are these great if you really want to elevate your Halloween baked goods or create a haunted village, but you could also just snack away on the chewy brains, witch hats, and skeleton bones.

We are always looking for fun Halloween treats and clearly Target knew what we wanted and made sure we got it. And now, we have an entire collection of goodies to enjoy and get into the spooky spirit.

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What do you think fellow guilty eaters? Are you excited for these Hyde & EEK! cookie kits and candy decor items? Which one are you most excited for? We need to know your favorites.