5 hard candies that we absolutely cannot resist

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 18: A roll of Life Savers is seen in a grocery October 18, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. Kraft has put its Altoids And LifeSavers brands up for sale. (Photo Illustration by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
CHICAGO - OCTOBER 18: A roll of Life Savers is seen in a grocery October 18, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. Kraft has put its Altoids And LifeSavers brands up for sale. (Photo Illustration by Tim Boyle/Getty Images) /

Let’s be honest. When it comes to getting that fix of something sweet, sometimes there’s nothing like delicious pieces of hard candies to do the trick. But just what are those pieces of hard candy that we can’t seem to live without?

Usually the choice for sweet-toothed individuals out there is quite vast, and truthfully the choice is often easy.

If it isn’t the plethora of baked goods offered at the local grocery store or even specialty confectionary store, then often, all you have to do to satisfy that craving for something sweet is go to your local corner store or perhaps even dollar store to get at least a hard candy fix, which often does the trick just fine.

Hence the point of this piece, dear readers. And when it comes to candy, the possibilities are indeed endless (Licorice, lollipops, chewing gum), but hard candy itself, is in a league all its own, and what a special league that is.

Did you know?

1-According to theconversation.com, red licorice contains no licorice extract at all; instead it’s full of glycyrrhizic acid and a bunch of other chemicals!

2-According to healthyplanetus.org, acid quantities in chewy sour candy can at times come to the same amount of acid in a battery!

3-According to bonappetit.com, Gummy Bears were originally called Dancing Bears back in 1922!

I’ll stick to hard candy, thanks. It seems like the safest bet after all. But a choice is still necessary to be made, and for me, that choice never wavers beyond these five classics.

Here are 5 choices for epic hard candy that we can’t do without

Hard candy is perhaps the simplest choice. Keep some in your pocket for the long day ahead (just don’t forget them there), and you’re good to go.

Another reason to choose hard candy over chewy candy, is that the fun lasts longer…provided you don’t chew through it that is. And the aftertaste is yet another gift that just keeps on giving.

Speaking of the aftertaste, it needs to be tasty for sure, which brings us to the list…

Jolly Rancher

It was in November of 1949 that these fruity drops of joy were invented and brought into the world by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, and I thank them for it, as I cannot remember how many of these I’ve downed in my years.

Sometimes there’s nothing better when craving a piece of candy that’s fruity but a tad sour all in one morsel. These definitely have that effect, but not in an overpowering way.


This product launched way back in 1966. They’re a tad younger than the above option and these aren’t sour at all. They combine yogurt and fruit—a combo that makes sense like milk and cereal do—and they’re just plainly delicious and hard to resist.

Interestingly enough, they’ve been sadly discontinued in the UK but are still available in Canada and the US. So if any friends across the pond are interested in these, and if this piece piques that interest further, you can always try to get them online. They’re well worth the trouble.

Cavendish & Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops

These hold a special spot in my heart. I wasn’t all that close to my grandmother, and for a plethora of reasons we don’t really need to get into here, but one of two epic memories I have of her are centered around this very candy.

Amongst other things, my grandmother loved to play the slots, often going to Atlantic City. Back in the day, when I was growing up, we didn’t get these near where I lived. But every time she came back via the airport, she always had a box of these for me. If I close my eyes, I can still taste these little drops of fruity goodness.

*It’s imported German candy, but I guess they had loads of it at either the airport or in Atlantic City; regardless, I was happy and appreciative to get a tin every time.

Werther’s Original

As I write this, I’m coming off of a visit to my parent’s house. Part of being a freelance writer and journalist is not having a whole lot of time on your hands outside of the next big story and piece to be written.

I hadn’t been around to see them in quite a spell, but I got that chance last night, my wife and I being treated to an epic and classic dish of Garlic, pesto and anchovy linguine that is worthy of note, believe me, but before we sat down to dinner, I had one of these (okay you caught me…a few) from the tray my mom keeps them in, and just what is it about these candies that speak volumes in terms of going home, cozy conversation and peace?

Funny, isn’t it, that a simple morsel of candy can do that to you?

Life Savers

I’m constantly finding these in coat pockets, I love them so much. They pack in that fruity flavor that I absolutely love in hard candy and the funny thing is, no matter how long they’ve spent in your pocket, they taste pretty good whenever you end up finding them.

Funny story: I was covering a demonstration here in Montréal for a local paper, and myself and a bunch of other journalists were waiting for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to come out and address the press, and I was so sick of waiting I wished I had something to perk me up.

I patted the pockets of my flannel jacket and found a roll of these from only God knew when. I pulled them out with a smile on my face that must have told the story of a ten year old boy on Christmas morning rather than reporter on the run to get a story, because when I looked up, a fellow reporter from another paper was looking right at me and laughing kindly at my expense.

I smiled back at him and offered him a Lifesaver, wanting to share in my good fortune. He smiled and took two. Heck…who can resist a Lifesaver?

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And so Guilty Eaters, I hope I’ve done the wonder that is hard candy justice, but if I missed any one of your favorites, let us know.