Harry & David released their own line of candles perfect for foodies everywhere

Harry & David's new line of candles featuring the Pumpkin Spice Candle
Harry & David's new line of candles featuring the Pumpkin Spice Candle /

When it comes to Harry & David, what comes to mind first? Is it savory and sweet treats? What about dips and fruit? The answer is probably yes on these. But what about candles?

You probably don’t default to candles when it comes to planning your Harry & David shopping trips or virtual shopping extravaganzas. But they want to change all of that.

At the end of August, they announced that they were launching an entire line of candles to help them expand on their home goods section. According to the press email we received, “The collection features five elegant scents designed to create a cozy atmosphere and ignite the senses.” But that’s not all, as they also made it clear that these candles are infused with the foodie scents we know and love from the company, including their iconic Royal Riviera Pears and the seasonal magic of the Pumpkin Spice.

On Harry & David’s website, you can head to their Soaps, Lotions, and Scents page to find these amazing candles made with a double wick and coconut wax. (And as someone who is actually soy-intolerant, I am thrilled by the news that these are made with coconut wax!)

Harry & David adds to their home goods lineup with the arrival of delicious smelling candles

Harry & David
Harry & David releases a new line of candles that includes their iconic Royal Riviera Pear as a Candle /

Honestly, anytime we can get delicious smelling, foodie-inspired candles, we are in. And the fact that these come from Harry & David has us sold, as we love all things Harry & David (bring on the dips, pears, and chocolates!).

So which scents are currently available on the website?

  • Peach Gardenia Candle
  • Pumpkin Spice Candle
  • Vanilla Spice Candle
  • Orange Blossom Candle
  • Royal Riviera Pear Candle

All five of these scents sound amazing and as a fan of the Royal Riviera Pear from Harry & David, I can’t wait to get my hands on these candles. Obviously I will want to sniff them before I buy them, but at this point I can’t imagine all five of these candles being magical.

I am already obsessed with these five scents, especially the idea of the Vanilla Spice, the Royal Riviera Pear, and the Orange Blossom. And of course, how can any of us forget the magic of Pumpkin Spice for the Fall?! But what do you think? Which of these scents has your foodie loving heart going wild?

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