Bulletproof Coffee Kit is the gift that’ll get you through the holidays

Bulletproof Coffee Kit, image from Bulletproof
Bulletproof Coffee Kit, image from Bulletproof /

Our days are beginning to look a little more like they used to pre-pandemic, which is great, but with the holiday season upon us, we need a little more fuel to keep us going — and that’s where the Bulletproof Coffee Kit comes in.

Whether we are getting ready for holiday vacations, gatherings, events, or simply working through the season, we need all the energy we can get! Bulletproof Coffee gifted me with the Bulletproof Coffee Kit and I love it!

I’ll be featuring it soon in our upcoming Foodie Gift Guide, but I just had to rave about it.

Now, I love me some coffee! Iced or hot, it doesn’t matter, I’m always down to sampling a new coffee product. This is the first time I try Bulletproof Coffee, but I’ve heard about it plenty of times before.

What’s in the Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit?

The brand claims to aim for mind-body nutrition that “helps transform the way you feel.” We received The Original — Medium Roast, which has flavors of cinnamon, plum, and orange, with a cocoa hazelnut finish, and that hazelnut finish is very detectable, which you’ll love! I could also taste (and smell) the cinnamon.

This coffee is particularly a perfect fit for those who have a super busy schedule in the mornings as it is meant to replace your breakfast thanks to its recipe. Bulletproof Coffee is made with clean coffee and quality fats that satisfy hunger.

The Bulletproof Starter Kit also comes with the Bulletproof Creamer and a Mixer, and it’s available for only $25, HERE.

Is Bulletproof Coffee worth the hype?

The answer to this will depend on each person, but it gets a YES from me! I didn’t feel a crash, and I loved the taste. The creamer goes perfect with it (I tested it with two other creamers I usually use). And while I noticed that it does help curve your appetite, I don’t recommend you do it for too long– don’t skip lunch!

Bulletproof Coffee is the perfect holiday gift

As we stated above, look out for Bulletproof Coffee in our upcoming gift guide! Whether you want to present your host with a gift or you have someone who loves coffee on your shopping list this Christmas– this kit is perfect!

Check out what other products Bulletproof offer. 

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