Taylor Farms takes our Fall salads to a whole new level

Taylor Farms Spiced Apple Chopped Salad. Image courtesy of Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms Spiced Apple Chopped Salad. Image courtesy of Taylor Farms /

Sometimes you just want a salad. But maybe you don’t want a bowl of lettuce and dressing. That’s where Taylor Farms comes in.

I love a good salad. And I love when pieces of fruit end up in my salad. (Bring on the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera!) However, there are some days when I just want things to be easy in the kitchen. And while making a salad isn’t exactly hard, it can be a time consuming process.

But thankfully, we have Taylor Farms and their bagged salads.

As someone who has already admitted that they love apple in their salads, is it any surprise that when Taylor Farms dropped their Spiced Apple Salad I was all over it?

Taylor Farms gives us chopped salad that is all about the Fall flavors

The Taylor Farms Spiced Apple Chopped Salad was everything you could have asked for and more in a bagged salad. Not only did it have everything you need for a perfect and refreshing salad, but by adding in a protein, you can take it to a whole new level.

I got the opportunity to try this salad and for my take on this Fall-forward salad, I went with crispy chicken pieces. It was amazing!

Considering this salad includes “a blend of deliciously crisp vegetables, honey roasted mini chips, smoked gouda shreds, and cinnamon puffed apples,” all chopped up and ready to go, is it any wonder we were obsessed with this salad? But, the finishing touch has to be the apple cider vinaigrette, which added another layer of apple goodness and freshness.

While salad might not scream “Guilty Eats,” there is something to be said for a fresh bowl of salad with apples and cheese and even chicken bites throughout. And thanks to Taylor Farms, we got a chance to enjoy the perfect Fall salad.

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Have you tried Taylor Farms bagged salads yet? What do you think of apples in salad? Do you add fruits to your salad? Let us know.