Lady M Mille Crepe Cakes are a decadent treat for Thanksgiving

Lady M Launches Truffle Mille Crepes Cake for a limited time
Lady M Launches Truffle Mille Crepes Cake for a limited time /

Is there anything better than a decadent cake on the holiday table? How about a Mille Crepe Cake from Lady M? And what if it was a Truffle cake?

With the magic of Lady M‘s, we can enjoy the most decadent dessert of the entire holiday season. And yes, we can even get it delivered to our doors!

Thanks to the decadence of their limited time Truffle Mille Crepe Cake, we get at least 20 layers of crepes with velvety dark chocolate truffle cream and even chocolate ganache and cocoa nibs. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, then check out the actual description of this decadent dessert straight from their website,

"Handmade chocolate crêpes layered with velvety dark chocolate-truffle cream. The cream is whipped and folded with crisp feuillantine, cacao nibs, and pure truffle oil. We finish each cake with silky chocolate ganache from the Caribbean islands. The chocolate is elegant and aromatic with a long finish. For the final touch, a ring of truffled feuillantine and cacao nibs."

Lady M makes decadent magic happen with their new, limited time Truffle Mille Crepe Cake

This decadent dessert is a seasonal offering, which means it won’t be around for long, but we had to know if it would be available for us to snag for Thanksgiving. And according to the PR rep we spoke to, we should be able to get this Crepe Cake until the end of November.

Honestly, as a fan of Lady M already, we couldn’t wait to learn more about this masterpiece. And we are not disappointed. This cake is everything you could have hoped for in a holiday dessert and so much more.

And just looking at this cake, you know it will make an impression if it even makes it to the dinner table (you may want to save this beauty for yourself!). This is luxury that we can’t resist and we are pretty excited to dig into this holiday season.

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Have you tried Lady M Crepe Cakes or any of their Bon Bons? What do you think of this seasonal offering? Will this be a part of your Thanksgiving desserts? Let us know.