Did you know there is a cream cheese shortage?

Since the pandemic began in 2020, we have been talking about supply chain issues and grocery shortages (whether we are talking about toilet paper, paper towel, or something else). But did you know that right now there is a definite cream cheese shortage?

Honestly, we knew there were shortages, but we didn’t realize just how widespread they had gotten until we hit up the grocery store looking for cream cheese for an appetizer we love to make at the holidays. And then we were hit with empty shelves where the cream cheese once lived.

While there were still a few boxes for us to grab, it was definitely a shock to come across so many empty shelves where once there were so many containers and boxes that you couldn’t see the back wall of the cooler. And while Mashed pointed out back in November that places like Publix have limited shoppers to only two per person of shortage items like cream cheese, it didn’t seem to hit home until we saw the shelves bare of their usual stock (and we are talking about a Florida Publix where there were empty shelves).

Cream cheese has been hit hard by the current grocery shortages

Recently, New York Bagel shops started to really feel the pinch of the cream cheese shortage and they aren’t alone as many Bagel shops seem to be dealing with a lack of their staple smear. So what now?

Does this mean we have to go back to butter on our bagels? Will we have to skip the annual holiday cheesecake? Maybe. But if you love cream cheese and you see some in store, you may want to grab it while you can because this is one product shortage that is already making an impact across the country.

Here’s what the cream cheese shelves looked like near us:

Have you been dealing with a shortage of any of your favorite products? Have you noticed issues getting your usual staples? What are you missing out on? Let us know in the comments.