Everything we know about Hell’s Kitchen Season 21

Last September fans watched as Trent Garvey, a chef from Maplewood, Missouri walked away with the grand prize on Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns. He became the new head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Resort, won a quarter of a million dollars and most important, became Chef Gordon Ramsay’s new protege.

Of course, September feels like a lifetime ago. Sure, we had a less than entertaining season of MasterChef and the upcoming Next Level Chef to get our Ramsay fix, but nothing beats the intensity and craziness of Hell’s Kitchen.

So that begs the obvious question. When will Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen arrive on our televisions and what can fans expect when it does?

Unfortunately, there’s very little information available about the next season of Hell’s Kitchen at this point. Other than the fact we know there is going to be a Season 21 thanks to a tweet from Gordon Ramsay looking for new victims, err, I mean contestants for the new season.

When will the new season of Hell’s Kitchen arrive on FOX?

So it looks like despite the fact FOX hasn’t officially renewed or cancelled Hell’s Kitchen, there is definitely going to be a Season 21. And after all, why would FOX even consider cancelling one of their most iconic and popular cooking series after signing Ramsay to a new massive deal this year?

However, that being said it’s not known when the series will actually air. Seasons 19 and 20 were filmed back to back due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with things the way they currently are, odds are filming will have to be done in a bubble and once again in Las Vegas.

So will FOX decide to film two seasons consecutively again? Nobody knows but it’s fair to say that the matter will probably be decided by Chef Ramsay himself. After all, it’s his show and there really isn’t a Hell’s Kitchen without him.

With casting already well underway, it’s a fair assumption that Season 21 will air sometime in late summer/early fall of 2021. That has been the usual timeframe for the majority of the series run and there seems to be little incentive to change that unless forced to by the pandemic.

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