Two new Kit Kat flavors added to permanent lineup to kick off 2022

New KIT KAT flavor, photo provided by KIT KAT
New KIT KAT flavor, photo provided by KIT KAT /

Kit Kat is kicking off 2022 by dropping not one, but two new flavors for their permanent lineup and we are so excited for these two sweet treats! While one is a new flavor for their Duo lineup, the second new item is all about their Thins.

So what exactly are we getting from Kit Kat in 2022? According to the press email we received from the company, they are ringing in a new year with Chocolate Hazelnut THiNS and Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate!

We love when any of our favorite chocolate brands decide to elevate their classics with new flavors. And when those flavors just bring in other favorites for a new spin on those classics, well we can’t resist!

Kit Kat releases two new flavors in their permanent lineup

In a first for the Duos lineup, we have the first “fruit-inspired” flavor. And we are pretty excited for this Valentine’s Day inspired sweet treat, after all you can never go wrong with strawberries and chocolate.

For the second new release, we have the new Chocolate Hazelnut THiNS flavor. This is a thinner treat with a crispier bite enrobed in hazelnut and chocolate. Available in two different bag sizes, this flavor takes the recently released thin bars to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Both of these new flavors are available now and can be found nationwide, wherever you can get your hands on Kit Kat now!

We are pretty excited for the arrival of both of these flavors. And we can’t wait to get our hands on them to try for ourselves and to see how they live up to the classic Kit Kat bars we already know and love.

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But we want to know what you think? Which flavor are you the most excited to try? Are you a strawberry and dark chocolate fan? Or do you prefer hazelnut and chocolate? We want to know!