Starbucks News: A new energy drink launch to come

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People go to Starbucks all the time. Whether you’re in the mood for some buzzing coffee or craving something more fruity and sweet like a refresher, Starbucks has got ya covered.

Speaking of buzzing, let’s talk about energy drinks. See my lists where I rank both Reign and Bang energy drinks (more have come out since then, but we can talk about that more on Twitter, if you’d like)!

If you love a boost of energy, but don’t like coffee, stay tuned for some more info on the line of energy drinks that Starbucks plans on launching. You’re in luck if fruity drinks are more your jam!

What will Starbucks’ energy drinks bring to the table? Hopefully the perfect buzz for us all!

Starbucks is entering the world of energy drinks with their brand new product titled Baya. With tons and tons of different energy drink companies, it’s certainly not a bad business venture for Starbucks to get into.

Here are some facts about Starbucks’ Baya and what more to expect:

  • It’s a fruity flavor, but there’s no coffee in it
    • Sure, the beloved coffee company does have their classic Double and Triple shot energy cans, but those are coffee-based drinks
  • The three flavors that they are going to offer go as follows:
    • Raspberry Lime
    • Mango Guava
    • Pineapple Passionfruit


Sadly, we will still have to wait until March 1st to try/buy these energy drinks in stores; however, if you’re impatient and super excited to try these, numerous online retailers like Amazon and Target are offering 12-oz cans.


Each 12-oz can of Baya, regardless of the flavors, will retail for $2.89 each – pretty standard.

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What flavor of Baya are you the most excited to try? I’m personally excited for all three! How do you think that they will taste – better than a tried and true coffee buzz? Let’s chat down below!