Bomb Pop and Nerds partner for the ultimate treat

Bomb Pop NERDS. Image courtesy Bomb Pop®
Bomb Pop NERDS. Image courtesy Bomb Pop® /

There are some treats that just scream summer fun. And one of those treats is the Bomb Pop! This frozen popsicle is usually a patriotic summer staple. But right now, it is a colorful masterpiece of flavor thanks to a new partnership with one of our favorite crunchy candies!

The new Nerds Bomb Pop channels the classic stacked look of color (and flavor) on color and uses Nerds to create a sweet and tangy mashup of frozen magic.

First, let us talk about the way they describe this frozen treat,

"Bomb Pop and NERDS have partnered to create the ultimate mash-up with the sweet and tangy flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and grape NERDS all stacked up in one Bomb Pop ice pop. This combination is as cool as the ice pop itself and is a must-have for the kids and adults this summer."

Bomb Pop NERDS is the summer treat we didn’t know we needed

Bomb Pop
Bomb Pop NERDS. Image courtesy Bomb Pop® /

We had the opportunity to try this new frozen pop for ourselves and we fell in love immediately. Not only does it truly remind us about popping a handful of NERDS candy in our mouth and just chomping away on that blend of fruity flavors.

However, while classic NERDS have us crunching away, with the Bomb Pops, we are not just chewing away because our teeth would absolutely hate us! That being said, these frozen popsicles are pure perfection as a sweet treat that isn’t cloying or overwhelming.

The flavors of grape, watermelon, and strawberry came through and the colors made us smile. And honestly, the fact that there are 12 pops in the box means we didn’t feel guilty eating two in one sitting. Because yes, once you have one, you will definitely want a second one.

We love Bomb Pops and we are definitely loving this new Nerds collaboration.

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Are you a fan of the Bomb Pop? What about Nerds? What do you think of this collaboration?