8 best food and makeup collections

New PEEPS Partnerships to Express Your PEEPSONALITY. Image courrtesy PEEPS
New PEEPS Partnerships to Express Your PEEPSONALITY. Image courrtesy PEEPS /

Makeup and food brands have been collaborating left and right for the past couple of years. From candy to cereal to soda brands, everyone is getting in on putting their brand name on merchandise.

And what better way to do that than with makeup. Especially with the way these collections sell out in minutes.

But some food makeup lines are better than others. Let’s take a look at eight of the best!

Limited-edition Dunkin’ x e.l.f makeup collection. Image courtesy Dunkin’
Limited-edition Dunkin’ x e.l.f makeup collection. Image courtesy Dunkin’ /

Dunkin and E.L.F

While it’s very hard to beat a donut, Dunkin and E.L.F. came pretty close with their recent makeup collaboration. It includes three different mini palettes, a donut-shaped primer, a donut-shaped sponge, a lip gloss set, a coffee lip scrub, and a makeup bag.

This one works so well because it uses all the colors Dunkin is known for but is also super fun. They clearly didn’t try to take it too seriously and it’s perfect.

Makeup and food brands are collaborating all over the place

New PEEPS Partnerships to Express Your PEEPSONALITY. Image courrtesy PEEPS /

PEEPS and ColourPop

ColourPop is known for collaborating with just about every brand whether it be Disney, Sour Patch Kids, or Baby Yoda. They recently collaborated with PEEPS just in time for Easter and while the makeup brand doesn’t always get it right, they definitely did with this collection.

The collection includes individual eye shadows that come in boxes shaped like bunnies and brightly colored lip gloss. The shadows come in orange, lavender, green, blue, pink, yellow, and white.

Lucky Charms and Morphe

Morphe did an incredible job on their Lucky Charms makeup line. The colors are perfect and the packaging is just right. The line includes an eyeshadow palette with the shapes of the cereal marshmallows carved into some of the colors, a set of eye pencils, a brush set, and a lip gloss.

While the palette does have some colors that don’t scream Lucky Charms, the colored eye pencils are perfection. They took the colors right from the marshmallows and they are a pastel lover’s dream.

Hershey’s Kiss and Glamlite

This is one of the best makeup and food collaborations on the list. Glamlite did an amazing job on their Hershey’s Kisses collaboration. And the best part is that they didn’t just create one collection based on Hershey’s Kisses, they made five.

The palettes are inspired by Milk Chocolate kisses (browns and silver), Milk Chocolate with Almond kisses (browns and golds), Special Dark kisses (purples), Cookies N’ Creme kisses (blues), and Lava Cake kisses (pinks and purples). There were also a set of four lip glosses and a Kiss-shaped makeup sponge as well.

Sour Patch Kids and Morphe

Sour Patch Kids also got into the beauty game thanks to Morphe. This collection was as colorful and as fun as it needed to be to represent Sour Patch Kids. And the packaging was just like a package of the candy.

The line included an 18-pan palette, bright red and blue lip scrub, watermelon setting mist, brightly colored makeup sponges (these looked like candy!), and a watermelon lip gloss.

HipDot and Reese’s

The HipDot x Reese’s collaboration was so great because it perfectly represented the candy in makeup form. It didn’t try to add in colors that made no sense. It went for browns, orange, and yellow just like Reese’s packaging.

The collection included a six-pan palette with colors like “Peanut Butter,” “Perfect,” and “Sweet.” It also included a brush set, a lip stick duo, a White Chocolate palette, and a Reese’s makeup bag that looked exactly like a Reese’s Pieces bag.

Etude House and Kit Kat

The Etude House and Kit Kat collaboration came out at least three years ago but it’s still memorable because of how gorgeous it was. It did the impossible by bringing us beautiful makeup and representing the candy bar perfectly.

The collab included two different palettes: an original red palette and a strawberry white chocolate palette. The original palette has dark brown shades and the strawberry white chocolate has lighter brown and pink tones.

Face Shop and Coca Cola

This collab is also a couple of years old, but it could not have been better. The collection included an eyeshadow palette with reds, browns, and tans, blotting powder, lip tint, five lip glosses, and three different lipsticks.

This collection worked because Face Shop didn’t try to shove in colors (especially in the palette) that didn’t work. It was all reds and browns with red and white packaging. Even if it didn’t say Coca-Cola on the packaging, you’d probably be able to guess what it was inspired by. That’s what makes for a great makeup and food collab.

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