Jelly Belly celebrates National Jelly Bean Day with a favorite candy personality survey

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Did you know that April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day? Jelly Belly wants to remind us of this tasty day of celebration with a special candy survey.

In honor of all things jelly beans, Jelly Belly commissioned a survey to determine what our favorite candies say about us and our personalities. And with 2000 participants, this survey breaks down a number of fun things including how a person’s age can impact their favorite flavor of jelly beans, as well as what it means to be a chocolate lover.

Basically, this survey is all about figuring out who we are based on our candy love. And whether that means determining why we love a licorice jelly bean over a cherry Jelly Belly, or what our candy snacking habits say about us, this is definitely the perfect way to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day.

Jelly Belly uses our favorite candies to determine our personality for National Jelly Bean Day

So what exactly did this Jelly Belly survey find?

"In addition to being extroverted (59%), sour candy connoisseurs also identified as more “eccentric” (53%), “funny” (50%) and “sarcastic” (51%)Chocolate candy lovers tended to describe themselves as “optimistic” (76%) and “shy” (67%)People who eat candy every day were more likely to identify as “night owls” instead of “early birds,” (43% vs. 17%)"

Seriously, this sounds about right for us! From being night owls who eat candy every day (it seems like) to the eccentric and sarcastic sour candy connoisseur, this survey has definitely hit the nail on the head of our personality.

But what about what we learned when it comes to the jelly bean people out there? Well have no fear, we have some bean coverage too.

"Sour lemon jelly bean fanatics mirrored their sharp-tongue taste preferences in their personality, with 69% identifying as “honest”Cherry jelly bean lovers were more likely to be dog people (38%), while buttered popcorn lovers favored cats (43%) — and cotton candy cohorts are most likely to consider themselves not animal people (13%).Age may play a factor in the type of jelly bean flavor you prefer with nearly one in five baby boomers saying licorice is their favorite, compared to just 6% of Gen ZBut cherry jelly bean lovers are going off the grid. Perhaps because 79% identify as introverts, 29% would purchase their own private island if they won the lottery."

Cherry jelly beans for the dog lovers? We agree! And that private island after a lottery win? Oh yeah, that is totally us!

Seriously, this survey has nailed our personality and our candy habits. And that means that now we know that our candy appreciation really does say a lot more about us than we could have ever believed.

On National Jelly Bean Day, we can’t help but want to kick back, snag some cherry jelly beans from Jelly Belly and just plan our private lottery island where the jelly beans and chocolate will be dropped off on a weekly basis!

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What do you say Guilty Eaters? Does this represent who you are as a candy eater? Did they get your personality right based on your candy preferences? We want to know.