Ranking the 10 Best Frozen Dinners

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Chef Lucien Vendome and media personality and chef Donatella Arpaia pose for a photo during the Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Event at Make Meaning on September 17, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Chef Lucien Vendome and media personality and chef Donatella Arpaia pose for a photo during the Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Event at Make Meaning on September 17, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images) /

As foodies, we all understand the passion and love it takes to prepare a massive five star meal. And whether it be for ourselves or for loved ones, we can all appreciate a wonderful home cooked meal. And don’t even get me started on the many epic restaurants we all love and adore. But what about when you don’t have time? Well, that’s why today, we’ve decided to take a look at the 10 Best Frozen Dinners.

Let’s face it…sometimes you don’t even have the time to even think about answering the tired old question: What’s for dinner? Let alone make the meal itself. But can you still eat well regardless?

Well, I say absolutely, because the frozen dinner sure has come a long way since its inception back in 1949, when they were finally available to one and all, as per a piece at history.com. Of course the invention of the microwave in 1945 sped up the need for frozen dinners, the two going together like bread and butter, and even burgers and fries, really.

And hence, TV Dinner America was born. The world over, people got into making up lunches or dinners in a jiffy so to speak, but the quality of these meals has sure gotten better over the decades. Trust me.

*Did you know?

The microwave was invented by accident! According to a piece at celcook.ca, the microwave was invented by Percy Spencer. He was testing a new vacuum tube prototype and while working on it he discovered that because of the heat produced, a chocolate bar in his pocket had turned to soup!

He then decided to try the vacuum tube’s power on corn kernels…and the rest as they say was of course history. Popcorn is probably the most microwaveable food item around…with frozen dinners a close second of course.

Which brings us to our topic of the day of course…

Here are 10 of the very best frozen dinners on the market, Guilty Eaters…

10..Hungry Man Mexican Fiesta

Okay…so be warned, you’ll see a few Hungry Man options on this list and for very good reason: They’re the perfect frozen dinner and they ain’t too small either. So if you have an appetite, which let’s be honest…you know you do, and you love a Mexican dish to write home about, then you’ll want to try this golden gem for sure.

9..Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettuccini

Now I know what you’re saying: “But Dom…you’ve written before that your father was a classically trained chef…your mom is a classically trained Italian home cook…how can you possibly eat a frozen Italian dinner such as this one?” To that I’d answer quite simply enough… “Because it’s done just right.” Plus, this one’s healthier than most, and sometimes that’s a good thing, dear readers.

8..Marie Callender’s Beef & Broccoli Bowl

This recipe is one I often order when in my favorite Chinese restaurant, but when I can’t get there, having this one in the freezer is definitely a life saver. The beef is great and it’s a nice serving of 19 grams of protein.

7..Michelina’s Bacon Parmesan Linguine

Ah man…bacon…add bacon to a peanut butter sandwich and it can only get better. But what happens when you add the smoky, fatty protein to a classic Italian dish…what do you get? This little masterpiece in a microwavable carton acting as its blank canvas.

6..Michelina’s Chicken Fried Rice

That Michelina sure knows how to make a frozen dinner, and like the aforementioned beef and broccoli entre, this Chinese cuisine classic is something that comes calling every now and again in the craving department. This product definitely answers that call quite nicely.

5..Hungry Man Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey

And what better than a turkey dinner sometimes? Really it hits the spot on a cold day…perhaps even an autumn day after a long walk, the leaves crunching beneath your feet…you can see the air coming out of your mouth and nose every time you take a breath, it then slowly rising to the temperamental sky. Well, nothing like a warm tea followed by a nice turkey dinner. But who has time to roast a whole turkey? This one will do just fine, folks.

4..Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese

An absolutely classic dish. Now the Kraft version of Mac and Cheese isn’t at all hard to make, but let’s face it, sometimes we don’t even have the time to do even that. We’re in luck, because this version won’t just do…it’s actually a better alternative if you ask me, and there’s none of the mess afterward. Creamy, velvety cheese meets your mouth with every bite, and your collective tummies will thank you.

3..Michelina’s Taco Bites

This one’s perfect while reading a book…perhaps a nice glass of your favorite cocktail with some jazz on the stereo. No? Maybe just me then. But if you love tacos, and are in the mood for some finger food, then this one’s for you.

2..Stouffer’s Chicken Parmesan

Perhaps my absolutely favorite Italian dish; to me Chicken Parmesan is the best and absolutely only perfect way to cook a chicken. Place it next to a helping of pasta or rice, and you have a dish that’ll satisfy your hunger and your need for something a tad more classic. This one is paired with pasta, which is definitely cool, and the cut of chicken is darn good.

1..Hungry Man Salisbury Steak

And number one on the list is this classic. Really it reminds me of roadside diners in the fifties. Perhaps this dish and Frankfurters and Beans were a most common dish ordered at that time and era in North-American history. So yeah… a little taste of old school North-America on a plate, or rather on a microwavable container and well, ladies and gentlemen…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, now is there?

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Any frozen dinners you can’t live without? What’s in your freezer, dear readers?