The most (and least) popular Halloween candy from each state

BRACH'S Classic Candy Corn. Image courtesy BRACH's
BRACH'S Classic Candy Corn. Image courtesy BRACH's /

Halloween season is in full swing, Guilty Eaters! In fact, we only have a couple of weeks to stock up on Halloween candy before trick-or-treaters come knocking. Or hey, stock up on candy for yourself, we’re not here to judge! When it comes to Halloween candy, which chocolate or candy bar is your go-to? Here are the most popular Halloween candies from each state — as well as the least loved.

Is there a candy you see more than others on store shelves? Not just on Halloween, but any other holiday. Perhaps it’s a Snickers bar? A KitKat? Can’t go wrong with a few Jolly Ranchers. Some candy fans will agree on the best tasting candy, while others enjoy complete opposites. However, chances are, your favorite candy is also your neighbors favorite candy.

Do you know which Halloween candy your state prefers? We do! My Telescope recently shared the results of a research they put together on the most searched for candy brands by state.

The most (and least) popular Halloween candy from each state

Below, we share the top three Halloween candies most states agree on, as well as the bottom three candy brands aka the least favorite.

  1. Snickers is the most favorite chocolate brand, coming in at No. 1 in 23 out of the 50 states.
  2. In second place, we have KitKat (my personal favorite), six states agree.
  3. Hershey’s is No. 3, favorited by five states.

Now, for the bottom three…

  1. Baby Ruth is the least searched for chocolate bar. Honestly, it makes sense.
  2. Another unpopular candy brand is Reese’s Cups (I know, I was shocked, too)
  3. Finally, one of the least searched for candies, are the 100 Grand bars.

The most popular Halloween candy by state

Check out the full list of states and their favorite (and least favorite) candies, HERE. Below, we only list some of the most popular states:

  • California’s favorite chocolate is Snickers
  • Colorado enjoys Milky Way
  • Florida can’t get enough of Tootsie Rolls (really, Florida?)
  • New Jersey and New York both agree on Snickers
  • Snickers is also the go-to Halloween candy in Oregon and Texas

What is your favorite? Do you agree with your state?

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