3 reasons cooking together strengthens your relationship

A couple eat lunch in the Mist restaurant in the Park Hotel New Delhi, India (Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)
A couple eat lunch in the Mist restaurant in the Park Hotel New Delhi, India (Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images) /

They say couples who cook together stay together. Although cooking and relationships may seem like two unrelated ideas, they actually can go hand-in-hand. Nothing brings people together like food does. Cooking together is an activity that can allow you and your partner to connect on an inanimate level and explore a new way to strengthen your relationship.

Cooking together builds stronger relationships since it creates an informal environment to interact. It can help relax you or your partner and have a nice discussion about your meal together. No matter what you choose to discuss while cooking and enjoying your meal, it is an excellent opportunity to indulge in quality time.

Here are three reasons why cooking together strengthens your relationship.

1. Encourages Communication
Cooking together requires lots of communication if you want to get anything done. Without communication, time, energy and resources can get wasted, so getting along in the kitchen can help you both be on the same page. Food gives you something to talk about, whether discussing your favorite condiments or reminiscing on memories that it sparks.

Builds Cooperation
Cooperation and communication coincide with each other. Working together in the kitchen requires lots of communication between you and your partner. This creates a stable ground to stand on when diving into different topics. It can make talking about other areas of your relationship more effortless and relaxed.

Cooking together requires cooperation and gives a sense of togetherness. This reignites the feelings of your partnership and shows how much you care about taking care of each other. Creating a meal together can have you looking at your relationship as a team that has each other’s back. Knowing that you can work together and communicate is essential to a healthy relationship.

Discover New Things
Preparing food together allows you to dive deeper and learn more about your partner. The dish you are making may recover lost memories or spark a story. Food can open up childhood memories, travel stories or other interesting information you usually would not think about sharing.

The more you know about one another, the closer your bond will be. When opening up, you or your partner may be shy, so cooking together can provide a safe environment to start points that lead to a deeper discussion.

2. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
Going out to eat with your partner is always an enjoyable date night, but those dishes can be high in calories. It is easy to get carried away with overindulging in an appetizer, main course and dessert leaving you both feeling stuffed. Often times the portion sizes are much larger than they need to be.

Ensures a Balanced Diet
When you go out to eat with your partner, you do not know how your food is being prepared. There can be lots of hidden calories in the dishes than they seem, even if you think you are making a healthy choice. Cooking at home gives you control over portion sizes and ingredients, which keeps you healthy and in shape.

When you feel good about how you look, it is easier to be more intimate with your partner. Even allowing yourself to have a glass of wine with your home-cooked meal can help your intimacy while having a balanced lifestyle. Being affectionate keeps your bond strong so cooking a meal that lets you feel energized and help keep the night going.

Helps Your Budget
Going out to restaurants in a relationship is fun occasionally but can be expensive over time. Financial issues are one of the most common things that couples argue about. Cooking at home can save you money and maybe even your relationship. It is a great way to try new things while considering the expenses you need to save for.

3. Enjoy Something Fun Together
Above all reasons, cooking is fun! Sharing an enjoyable activity with your partner can give you good vibes allowing you to enjoy this time together and build a better relationship. Being in the kitchen gives you the time to have some fun together. It does not have to be serious. You can add music, make it a competition or have a flour fight.

Create an Experience
Cooking together can create a whole new experience and memory you get to share. You do not have to feel pressure to make an elaborate meal either. Even simple foods are enough to bring you together. It is the thought and love put into the meal that counts at the end of the day.

Spending time in the kitchen creates an experience for you both and is different every time. You can count on each other to complete tasks or try adjusting a recipe specifically to your liking. Regardless of the food you cook, it creates a shared memory for the two of you.

Try Cooking Together As Your Next Date Night
It is no secret that cooking together builds stronger relationships. It is a fun and easy date night plan with your partner. Try out making your favorite meal together and watch your relationship thrive.

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