8 of the tastiest protein bars out there

UNITED STATES - 2010/02/06: Energy bars. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)
UNITED STATES - 2010/02/06: Energy bars. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

I know, I know…yuck, right? Not really. Protein bars get a bad rap, and yes, that’s for very good reason. Many of them out there are pretty…well…gross, for lack of a better term.

But if you’ll humor me, I’ll show you 8 protein bars out there that are actually not only pretty good, but they’re actually downright delicious.

Staying in shape or trying to get there isn’t at all always easy. I more than understand; especially for us guilty eaters. Saying goodbye to all of the wonderful treats we’ve grown accustomed to—both savory and sweet—is not something to look forward to, but the harsh reality is quite simply there in black and white: Sometimes you’ve just gotta watch out.

Protein Bars!! No way!! You mean there are actually some protein bars on the market that taste halfway decent??

Protein bars and meal replacement shakes are actually a pretty good way to do keep the waistline trim, but perhaps there hasn’t ever been a better time to jump on the protein bar bandwagon until now.

In actual fact, the market is full of great options, and today we’ve chosen the absolute cream of the crop…the best out there on the market.

Now…they don’t taste like they were made by France’s greatest pastry chef. Heck no! But they’re better than most of what’s out there in terms of diet food, and they get the job done, which in the end is the point after all.

Besides…skipping a few meals and replacing them with any one of these from time to time, and hitting your daily steps and even throwing in some squats and push-ups…you’ll be affording that beloved cheat day in no time. So let’s dig in shall we?

8. Pure Protein – Chocolate Deluxe

So if you’re on a budget, Wal-Mart is a pretty great place to save on some groceries. (Amazon, too.) The same goes for your supplement shopping. Sometimes going to your local supplement specialty store is way too expensive, and saving a buck or two or three is necessary.

But with these great tasting bars, it isn’t all that hard to find a good bar that goes a long way. Not all of the Pure Protein bars hit that great tasting mark sadly, but this one comes very close to tasting like a brownie, and ‘close’ in dieting, is close enough.

21 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar with only 180 calories in this one.

7. Pure Protein – Birthday Cake

This flavor too, from the same company, is pretty good. It has an almost overwhelming taste of vanilla, but after a few bites you realize it tastes almost like a crème au beurre vanilla cake…you know the type you can get at Costco. Remember…good enough is close enough. 20 grams of protein and only 3 of sugar here.

6. Clif Bar – Peanut Butter Banana w/ Dark Chocolate

The Clif Bar Company has many great flavors, but this one reminds me of a classic banana bread. Here you get the added bonus of peanut butter, which is of course always great. And the dark chocolate is present too; it’s great for staving off cravings for something naughtier.

5. Kellog’s Vector Bars

Now these aren’t as high in protein…some range from 9 to 11 grams of protein, but they taste great and are a great way to get a healthy snack in maybe before a workout or after; especially if your next meal is pretty far away and is a light one, to top it all off.

4. Quest – Soft & Chewy Cookie Biscuit (Chocolate Chip)

Okay, so this company here makes a darn good bar. I was at my local gym one day and had a few meetings lined up and I didn’t want to pull into a local McDonalds, so I grabbed this at the front counter and man was I surprised at how good this one was. A tad pricy, especially compared to many of the other bars on this list, but if you can spend the dough, these ones are certainly worth it.

3. Quest – Cookies & Cream

And the same goes for this treat here. Honestly, it comes 90% close to the Hershey’s cookies and cream bar, and that’s saying something…especially considering it’s a health bar. Try one and you’ll see.

2. Snickers

This is no typo dear readers. Yes, Snickers has gotten into the protein bar game and they’re something special to behold indeed.

Now, they’re a tad higher in sugar and calories…sugars at 9.5 grams and calories are at 199, but they’ve got 18 grams of protein and when you’re in a pinch, 18 grams of protein will get you that pump you’re looking for.

Just maybe hit a few extra minutes on the stationary bike if you’ll want to indulge in these bad boys.

1. Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch Bars

Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch Bars! Couldn’t make a list like this without including it, and definitely worth a try, dear readers. After all, they’re prepared by a leading Food Network star and chef.

Besides, the man is in incredible shape and he definitely knows a thing or two about dieting, all the while enjoying a few Guilty Eats himself. I think he’s got the taste department covered on a protein bars he puts his name on for sure.

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Any bars you like that we missed? Let us know. How about recipes? Do you make your own?