EXTRA Gum Releases a new limited-edition flavor

EXTRA Gum Releases Its Sweetest NEW Limited-Edition Flavor. Image courtesy EXTRA Gum
EXTRA Gum Releases Its Sweetest NEW Limited-Edition Flavor. Image courtesy EXTRA Gum /

It’s hard to believe that Wrigley introduced EXTRA gum back in 1984. The company’s sugar-free spearmint chewing gum has been a favorite of mine for years. Matching perfectly with the upcoming arrival of spring, Wrigley is introducing a new, limited-edition flavor: Pink Lemonade.

Besides freshening your breath, chewing gum has many benefits. For some, chewing gum can help relieve stress. It can also help with alertness. Chewing sugar-free gum also increase saliva production and reduce the risk of tooth decay. It may even strengthen your chewing muscles. I will also chew a piece of gum when I want a little something sweet and am trying to avoid indulging in a cookie or a bowl of ice cream.

Pink Lemonade invokes memories of childhood and warm weather. A nice cold glass of pink lemonade is so refreshing on hot summer days. Wrigley has incorporated the citrusy, tart and sweet flavor of pink lemonade that we love into chewing gum form.

Try EXTRA Gum’s new pink lemonade flavor!

I’m looking forward to trying this special new flavor. I imagine it has a sweet and slightly tart flavor and I anticipate it having the same long-lasting flavor as the other varieties I’ve enjoyed for many years. This new flavor joins classic bubble, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, watermelon, polar ice, winterfresh and smooth mint in the sugar-free chewing gum flavor line up.

When you start working on filling the Easter baskets next month, think about adding a pack or two of the new EXTRA® Gum Pink Lemonade. It’s something unexpected and quite different from the traditional jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

EXTRA® Gum’s Pink Lemonade chewing gum is currently available in select stores and will be available nationwide later this year. However, it is a limited-edition flavor, so you’ll have to get your hands on a pack or two while you can!

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