Target makes it easy to stuff your Easter basket on a budget

New Easter Favorites Only at Target. Image courtesy Target
New Easter Favorites Only at Target. Image courtesy Target /

Target is a great shopping destination for so many of us. From groceries to clothing and so much more, they have it all. And this Easter they have the deals we need for a well stocked and stuffed basket.

When it comes to adding goodies to any Easter basket, you want to make sure that you are finding some thing fun and unique. It’s about bringing the magic of spring to the table. However, for some of us it’s also about saving some money. Honestly, it can be expensive to stop an Easter basket. Sometimes we want to go all out.

Luckily for us, we have Target! And they have amazing deals on the perfect holiday goodies. Some of our favorite treats from Target include Easter favorites like chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs with marshmallow or coconut, but then there are also the new additions to our favorites list.

With so many items to choose from at Target, you might be looking for some inspiration and ideas for what to pick up. Also, you may be looking for budget friendly goodies that are perfect for any Easter basket. We have some suggestions that we think would make great Easter baskets on a budget.

Easter magic on a budget is easy with Target

New Easter Favorites Only at Target. Image courtesy Target /

So what exactly are we recommending for Easter baskets on a budget? Here are some of our favorite recommendations available at Target in 2023:

  • Favorite Day Easter Bunny Decorated Cookie – 2.12oz (These cookies are not only cute, but they are actually really tasty. We enjoy them every single time they release them for the holidays. In fact, we loved picking these up at Halloween because they were so cute and so tasty.)
  • Favorite Day Spring Clover Trail Mix – 8.5oz
  • Favorite Day Easter Bunny Bark with Belgian Milk Chocolate – 1.25oz (I love chocolate bark. And this Easter bunny shaped bark is an absolute delight.)
  • Favorite Day Easter Bunny Paws Marshmallows – 1.4oz (These are ridiculously cute marshmallows.)
  • Favorite Day Carrot Cake Trail Mix – 8oz (Can you go wrong with a carrot cake? Flavored trail mix for Easter? We think not.)
  • Favorite Day Easter Small Sitting Milk Chocolate Bunny – 2.75oz (Honestly, every Easter basket needs a chocolate bunny. And this is a delicious option for any basket.)
  • Favorite Day White Chocolate Easter Hot Cocoa Bomb with Sprinkles – 1oz (I loved making hot chocolate with this hot cocoa bomb. It was delicious.)

Obviously, you can tell that we stuck with the Target brand goodies. However, there are plenty of non-Target branded items that you can also pick up at Target to stuff your Easter basket with on a budget. Among the treats that you can snag for less are:

  • Lindt Lindor Easter Spring Assortment Bag – 6oz
  • Reese’s Easter Carrot Foot Bunny Plush with Chocolate – 0.9oz
  • Peeps Decorated Cookies – 3pk/4.23oz (Can you even consider it Easter without something from Peeps? I highly doubt it.)
  • Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg – 4.8oz/4pk
  • Hershey’s Easter Polka Dot Solid Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bunny – 4.25oz

With so many items available under $10, there are truly endless options when it comes to want to add to a budget from the Easter basket. For us, we love the fact that there is something for every sweet tooth out there. From chocolate, to marshmallows and even trail mixes, there is a wide range of flavors to choose from. And yes, there is plenty of Easter and spring magic to choose from.

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