New flavor alert from Poppi

Prebiotic Soda Brand Poppi Launches 90's Inspired Flavor. Image courtesy Poppi
Prebiotic Soda Brand Poppi Launches 90's Inspired Flavor. Image courtesy Poppi /

2023 has seen the return of 90’s trends covering everything from butterfly hair clips and wide leg jeans to sun-dried tomatoes and espresso martinis. Poppi, the popular prebiotic soda brand, has jumped on the 90’s bandwagon with the release of their newest grape flavor, which just launched today.

Remember the grape soda from your youth? The overly-sweet and artificially colored beverage? Poppi has captured that nostalgia in a tasty, but healthier for you, soda. With the added twist of lemon, it’s elevated the classic flavor for a more mature palate.

The company was founded in 2016 by spouses Allison and Stephen Ellsworth. After suffering from chronic health issues, Allison experimented mixing apple cider vinegar with fresh fruit juice. They ended up getting a deal on Shark Tank,  which ultimately developed into the Poppi brand as we know it.

Poppi just released its newest soda flavor: grape!

Written on every can of Poppi is the tagline “Be Gut Happy. Be Gut Healthy.” The brand presents itself as a better-for-you soda. There is approximately one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in each 12 fluid ounce can. This natural prebiotic has many purported health benefits including weight loss, lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol, relieving eczema and more.

The drinks are packaged in attention-grabbing, brightly colored cans. Each can has 5 grams of sugar (or less) and is made from all natural ingredients.

Grape is the newest addition to the Poppi flavor lineup that includes Strawberry Lemon, Orange, Cherry Limeade, Ginger Lime, Raspberry Rose, Watermelon, Classic Cola, Doc Pop and Root Beer. While I have not sampled Poppi’s products yet, online reviewers say they taste just like regular soda. As an occasional soda drinker, I look forward to trying this healthier alternative.

You can buy the new Grape flavored Poppi, as well as the other flavors, on Amazon or find them at most grocery stores and major retailers like Target and Costco.

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