McDonald’s adds a new McFlurry to their menus for a limited time

McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's
McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's /

A McFlurry from McDonald’s is truly so iconic. Whether you’re a classic Oreo girl like me or like to combine or try new things (also me) then you’re in luck because McDonald’s had got a little variety to go around. Starting later this month, McFlurry fans will be able to order the brand new frozen treats in-store or though the chains mobile app!

What is the brand new McFlurry flavor from McDonald’s and will you try one?

Back on March 18th, to be exact, a McDonald’s rumor specialist who’s social handle is @snackolator, presented the rumor that there would be a brand new McFlurry added to the chains menu; however, no one got too excited until that same Instagram user broke the news to everyone over the internet.

Check that post out right over here!

Just in case you’re unaware of said brand new flavor, here’s what it is: Strawberry Shortcake. It seems to be resembling the ever-so-famous ice cream bars with that same name. With a name so sweet and delicious, here is everything to expect to be one/what to expect it to taste like:

  • Vanilla soft serve ice cream
  • Butter shortbread cookies
  • Strawberry-flavored clusters (probably the same texture as a shortbread cookie)

Originally, @snackolator had reported the rumors that he expected it to be blended up Oreo cookies with some sort of strawberry puree or syrup blended up inside with it. Some people were excited about this and got their hopes up, while some are even more excited for what the sweet frozen treat will actually be like. What are your thoughts on this?

Beginning on April 12th, 2023, fans and ice cream lovers alike can order a Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry nationwide, that is if the ice cream isn’t broken of course (hint hint, wink wink)!

If you’re super excited to try one of these treats, then be sure to act fast because they are only available for a limited time, which hasn’t yet been announced by McDonald’s! Enjoy!

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That’s a wrap on what the brand new McFlurry will be over at McDonalds! Will you be trying one?

What is your personal favorite way to order McFlurries over at Mickey D’s? Is there a sort of ‘secret menu’ one that you’ve just been dying to share with someone? Share all of your Mickey D’s and other ice cream favorites down below in the comments with us all! Eat up & enjoy, y’all!