McCormick spices are fully redesigning their signature packaging

McCormick Red Cap Redesign. Image courtesy McCormick
McCormick Red Cap Redesign. Image courtesy McCormick /

McCormick spices are something that we’ve all seen on the shelves of the spice aisle of our favorite local grocery stores. As soon as we see and notice the ever-so-classic and timeless red caps, organized in alphabetical order, then we just know that it’s a McCormick product. For the first time in nearly 40 years, that signature packaging is going away and going through a pretty large change.

It’s definitely hard to make a change on something that’s been around for over 40 years, but sometimes it’s just that time to do something different and become more “in”.

How is McCormick changing their signature packaging? What else is new?

Here are some fun facts about the brand new-looking spices that you will see on the shelves:

  • They are made from roughly 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic
  • The names of spices and expiration dates are more boldly printed on each bottle
  • Their clear label design will essentially allow for more transparency and quality check(s)
  • Their factory bottling has improved with drawing out excess air during fill-time
  • They have trademarked the name of their brand new lids

The brand new lids that you will now be seeing on all McCormick spices are trademarked as being called SnapTight, meaning that they will “audibly seal in flavor, so herbs and spices remain fresher, longer”. These brand new lids will also ensure that all of us home chefs and even novice cooks that our “bottles are closed tight, locking in flavor and freshness between use. Hopefully this will reduce the amount that is wasted and ultimately thrown away.

Now, I’ve gotta be honest with you here. As an experiemental “home chef” myself, basically my entire spice cabinet is McCormick; however, I have run into some minor problems, such as the lids not fully closing or stuff spilling out. Or if you’re like me, you might’ve grabbed one spice, and knocked another one down, it comes flying at you, and then the lid cracks. Any way you have it, these brand new McCormick lids are sure to solve all of your home chef spice problems!

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That’s a wrap on the brand new SnapTight lids and packaging from our most favorite and best brand of spices and herbs out there, McCormick! What do you think of these? Are you excited to use them and see the differences within them? Let’s chat all about that down in the comments!