Kroma Wellness On-The-Go travel packs make it easy to eat healthy on the go!

Kroma Wellness On-The-Go travel pack. Image courtesy Kroma
Kroma Wellness On-The-Go travel pack. Image courtesy Kroma /

For many of us, summer involves some type of travel. While travel itself is fun, it’s not always easy to find healthy food selections at the airport or highway rest stop. Kroma Wellness is helping to change that with their On-The-Go travel packs.

Kroma Wellness is the superfood brand probably most well known for their 5-day reset and OMG Cookie Butter. With over 59,000 Instagram followers and celebrity endorsers including Gwyneth Paltrow and Amy Schumer, the brand has made a name for itself in the health and wellness industry.

The On-The-Go travel pack is also known as “Everything But Dinner.” When asked what inspired this collection, Lisa Odenweller, Founder & CEO of Kroma Wellness, noted: “Kroma keeps me nourished throughout my busy days, and then I’ll either go out to dinner or cook something at home at night time. All Kroma products can travel with you, but curating a pack of our top essentials to easily take with you on-the-go adds to the ease. Whether it’s your day’s worth of food and nutrition to bring with you to the office, or your pack of travel essentials to keep you nourished through a long travel day, the Kroma On-The-Go is the perfect thing to throw in your carry-on.”

The “Everything But Dinner” pack consists of a set of six easily transportable sachets. These include:

SHINE: Ultimate Vitality Latte
BREAKFAST: Super Porridge
HYDRATE: Cranberry Hydration Elixir Mix
BOOST: Blueberry Acai Plant-Based Smoothie
LUNCH: Veggie Broth With Plant Protein
FUEL: Supergreens Elixir Mix

Kroma Wellness On-The-Go Travel Packs makes it easy to eat healthy on-the-go!

This On-The-Go travel collection is a standalone from the popular 5-day reset. All six sachets provide you with all the components of a 1-day reset and can be consumed in one day, with the addition of dinner. However, another option with this collection is to consume the packets as needed. When you’re in a rush and on the go, the packets are an easy and convenient way to enjoy a nutritious snack or meal.

Depending on the satchet, all you need to do is add hot water, cold water, or non-dairy milk. Odenweller recommends using the Kroma Shaker to make the sachets. The 14-ounce, stainless steel container includes a shaker ball to help mix up your Kroma smoothies, lattes, elixirs, or broths, without the need of a frother.

Like all of their products, these sachets contain no cane sugar, fillers, dairy gluten or GMOs. The On-The-Go travel pack costs $45 and can be purchased via the company’s website.

I have not personally sampled the On-The Go travel pack and there aren’t many online reviews as of yet. However, if it’s anything like the other superfood products from Kroma Wellness, it will garner rave reviews.

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