5 discontinued Costco products that we want back and 2 that we don’t

POLAND - 2022/09/02: In this photo illustration a Costco Wholesale logo seen displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
POLAND - 2022/09/02: In this photo illustration a Costco Wholesale logo seen displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Have you ever fallen in love with a particular product from Costco only to find out that the next time that you go shopping or looking for it that it’s been discontinued or that it’s only a seasonal thing? Yeah, a whole heck of a lot of people feel the same way and have been through what you’re going through right now.

My personal problem with Costco at the moment is that their frozen little pots of Baked French Onion soup are only a seasonal thing! I like soup all freaking year, Costco!!

There are some pretty famous Costco products that have been discontinued on this list and some that I honestly didn’t even know existed.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 discontinued Costco products to see if we want them back ASAP or even not at all!

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Discontinued Costco Products That We Want Back ASAP

1. Kohana Cold Brew Concentrate

Who doesn’t love a good opportunity to make your very own cold brews at home? I know I do! However, I never got around to trying this delicious-sounding product (cue the major sad face). It came in House Blend, French Vanilla, and Toasted Coconut. My fave would probably be the French Vanilla mixed with literally just a splash of the Vanilla Bean coffee creamer from Coffee Mate!

Don’t worry if you just love this product and miss it oh so much, it’s still on Amazon!

If you’re struggling to find the French Vanilla over on Amazon, a fantastic brand of Cold Brew is the Chameleon Vanilla Coffee Cold Brew (they also have seasonal Pumpkin flavors too)!

2. Pulmone Chicken Dumplings and Pulmone Thai Basil Dumplings

Many people were complaining when these particular flavors went away; however, there are still opportunities to order other flavors and different types of their dumplings directly from the company who makes them, Pulmone. Here are some of their other flavors: Kimchi & Veggie, Pork, and Beef. I don’t see the Thai Basil ones over on their website, but the Chicken ones were there!

3. Kirkland Parmigiano and Reggiano Wedges

This particular item was actually just discontinued this year! While they don’t offer these nicely portioned out wedges anymore, they do still offer the one-pound containers of Kirkland’s grated and frozen Parm cheese. Personally, the wedges would’ve made a great little addition to an Italian dinner party of some sorts. So for now, I’ll just go take my Parm cheese wedge needs elsewhere!

4. Pots Fudge Lava Cake

I never even knew that Costco sold such a thing, but upon Googling them, I have officially opened the dessert-craving flood gates that have entered my sweets-loving brain! Oh boy…They officially got discontinued last year (back in 2022) and have never been seen back since. Here were some of their flavors: Maple & Pecan, Dulce de Leche (actually back now), and Salted Caramel!

5. Hawaiian Hurricane Microwave Popcorn

The name of it alone made me wish that Costco still sold this after super sadly getting discontinued 2 years ago back in 2021. Many people even started a freaking Reddit thread in order to sort of ‘petition’ it to come back and be sold in Costos all over the place. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked just yet. It included popcorn, nori, and everyone’s delish fave mochi rice crackers!

This is also still being sold on Amazon, but many people complain about such a steep price of it!

Discontinued Costco Products That Can Stay Away Forever

1. Take and Bake Pepperoni Pizza

Personally, every time I saw one of these, they just never looked appealing to me. There was always way too much pepperoni on them, which yes is a possible thing to happen…very possible. Plus, the peps were always so dang huge, that you forgot you were eating a pizza. Basically, it just tasted like a pepperoni salad with no lettuce, no dressing, and just pep. Opt for the Pot Pie instead!

2. Litehouse Freeze-Dried Garlic

Personally, I’m not a garlic lover unless it’s in super small powder amounts or on garlic bread because let’s be honest who can’t resist that? When it comes to freeze-dried garlic that just seems utterly gross to me. And lazy. It’s not that hard to chop some up fresh for a dish. I would never buy this but I’m sure many people did. Any grocery store sells something like it though.

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That’s a wrap on our list of discontinued Costco products that we would and also would not like to see come back! How’d we do? What are your personal favorite Costco products ever and have any of them been discontinued? Let’s chat all about it down in the comments below and as always…….eat and drink up, y’all!