Snickers is helping NFL fans find a good luck charm

Lucky SNICKERS Bar kit. Image courtesy Mars Wrigley
Lucky SNICKERS Bar kit. Image courtesy Mars Wrigley /

Our friends at Snickers realize that it is not a secret that sports and superstition go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are a fan of sports, you probably have some kind of superstition to help bring luck to your favorite team.

Sometimes athletes themselves have their own superstitions to help them get ready for a big game. Did you know NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes makes sure to wear red underwear every game day? Whether you think superstitions are just quirky or that they are very serious thing, there is no doubt that they are quite common in the world of sports.

Here is how Snickers is helping NFL fans get items from their favorite team

Snickers recently announced their newest Rookie Mistakes campaign to help NFL fans get their hands on some one-of-a-kind swag to help them bring luck to their favorite team through their Snickers Luck Shop. Not every NFL team is included in this promotion, but if you are a fan of these select few teams, here is what you could add to your collection:

If you are an Indianapolis Colts fan you have the chance of getting an official game coin, two team-worn hats, and two pairs of game-worn pants. Who wouldn’t want to rock some official NFL pants while watching a game?

If the Miami Dolphins are your team, you could add an official sideline hoodie, a game-used football, a game-worn helmet, and official sideline pants to your collection. Use caution when wearing the team-worn helmet as people could mistake you for Dan Marino.

Philadelphia Eagles fans have the opportunity to get a team-worn half zip shirt, a team-worn hoodie, a team-worn hat, and a team-worn jacket. I bet you will feel like you are a part of the actual team wearing all these team-worn items.

A pair of signed game-used cleats and an official game-used football is up for grabs from Snickers for any die-hard San Francisco 49ers fans out there. Pro-tip: you might want to wait until after you have gone to the grocery store to get your game day snacks before you put on those game-used cleats!

I am sure Eli Manning would approve of you wearing an official sideline shirt, an official sideline hat, an official sideline jacket, or the official sideline beanie that you can get from the New York Giants.

Snickers and the Jacksonville Jaguars are providing some pretty unique items that include official stadium turf, an in-stadium football floatie, and a game-worn headband. That headband will come in handy if you have hair like our friend Trevor Lawrence.

A locker room long sleeve shirt, a locker room beanie, and a locker room hat will help you cheer on your Pittsburgh Steelers. These items from Snickers should pair well with the Terrible Towel that I am sure is already in your collection.

And finally, if you are a Tennessee Titans fan, Snickers is giving you the opportunity to add game-worn cleats, a team-worn warm-up shirt, a team-worn warm-up long sleeve shirt, and an official game-used football to your collection. Pro-tip: wearing the team-worn warm-up shirt over the team-worn warm-up long sleeve shirt will make you look like a real pro.

So there you have it, Snickers is doing their part to help NFL fans like you add some lucky items to your personal collection.

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