McDonald's grants the wish of UK vegans with dairy-free ice cream

Will McDonald's ever bring something like this to the US?
McDonald's Vegan Scoop - credit: McDonald's
McDonald's Vegan Scoop - credit: McDonald's /

This week has already seen some crazy news in the vegan department, thanks to Joey Chestnut exiting the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest over a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods. Now, our friends across the pond in the UK have a new item coming to McDonald's: dairy-free ice cream. The Vegan Scoop will feature two flavors, Strawberry and Choco, which have been deemed safe for vegan consumption.

For those who reside in the UK, they can enjoy the product that has been described as "smooth and creamy" for £1.59 a tub. And that adds up to about $2 when you convert to the American Dollar.

In addition to the dairy-free treat, McDonald's UK has created the "McFreezy," a frozen iced item made from fruit puree. The perfect summer option is available in both Mango & Pineapple and Orange flavors while also being vegan-friendly.

As for the US, we still have yet to see items of this ilk hit McDonald's markets. Despite the vegan pandemonium that has led to an increase in impossible burgers on fast food menus, we have yet to see vegan desserts hit the fast food circuit in the country.

My theory: people in America still love the natural, authentic taste of real ice cream. Unless you have lactose intolerance, in which case it is probably a good idea to seek dairy-free alternatives.

Now, in the meantime. Americans can ring in summer with the popular Grandma Flurry or maybe even take the trip to Wendy's and try the new Triple Berry Frosty. If you're in the UK, check this link, which will tell you the locations to find the latest McDonald's release in the area that runs from June 12 until September 3.

Will this product make its trip across the Atlantic in the future? The short answer is it's possible. But until then, stop by your local grocery store and grab a pint of dairy-free ice cream.

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