McDonald’s sees Wendy’s free chicken nuggets Wednesdays, and raises them free chicken nuggets Wednesdays

Complicated way of saying McDonald’s is offering a Free 6-piece Chicken McNuggets today, but there you go.
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - credit: McDonald's
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - credit: McDonald's /

Two weeks ago, Wendy’s broke the internet (mild exaggeration here) when they announced that they would be offering a free 6-piece chicken nuggets every Wednesday for the rest of the year. And now, McDonald’s has seen Wendy’s deal, and raised them with a free 6-piece Chicken McNuggets this Wednesday.

Okay, I guess that’s technically “calling” not “raising” but this is Guilty Eats, not Guilty Poker, so frankly, leave me alone, I have a lot of chicken nuggets to eat.

To snag the free Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s, all you have to do is join the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, order in the app, no purchase necessary. Then following that I highly recommend you eat the McNuggets you’ve ordered versus just basking in the glory of your victory, but you do you.

Also of note, this is only available one time, only today (May 22, 2024), and taxes may apply. You can also only get this in-house – no making a poor delivery driver come to your house with six free nuggets and no tip.

Per a PR rep for McDonald’s, the brand teases this is just the beginning of the Summer of McDonald’s (my own branding, not theirs) as they’ll have plenty of special offers dropping throughout the summer. The PR rep also notes that “in the US, 90% of our franchisees are already offering meal bundles for $4 or less,” a clear push back against the “fast food is too expensive” narrative that has taken over the conversation.

Add on the rumored $5 meal bundle potentially coming to restaurants nationwide, and it’s clear the chain is taking feedback to heart. Perhaps that’s why they’ve also introduced a Grandma McFlurry to the menu, because Grandma will also listen to anything you have to say.

The good news is that with six free nuggets and Wendy's, and six free nuggets at McDonald's, there's no loser here, and the winner is you, because 12 free chicken nuggets today.

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