7 Guilty Eats we can't wait to chow down on in April 2024

Maple syrup soda, Saucy Nuggets, and a whole lot of dairy anchor April’s list.
Baskin-Robbins April Flavor of the Month, Marigold Dreamsicle - credit: Baskin-Robbins
Baskin-Robbins April Flavor of the Month, Marigold Dreamsicle - credit: Baskin-Robbins /

They say that April showers bring May flowers. But April’s most crave-worthy fast food and junk food items definitely bring stomach aches if you eat them all at once. That’s why we’ll be showing a great deal of restraint with our April 2024 picks for the most drool-worthy new items by spacing them out over, oh, say, a weekend.

In particular, this month brings a lot of new items of the dairy variety, thanks to some intriguing-sounding ice creams. And we’re also craving a chicken showdown thanks to new(ish) offerings from KFC and Popeyes.

So let’s get into it! Here are the seven new snack items we can’t wait to chow down on in April of 2024.

1. IHOP Maple Syrup Soda and Float

One year ago, Pepsi and IHOP collaboed on Maple Syrup cola to surprisingly good reviews. Now, according to fast food scooper Markie_devo, you can get it in stores this month in two different applications. The first is maple syrup soda. The second is as a float, with your choice of ice cream. We’ll ignore that this is Pepsi, the lesser of two sodas, and one that definitely doesn’t need sweetness added, for the moment, and just say a maple syrup cola float sounds real good.

2. Baskin-Robbins’ Marigold Dreamsicle

Baskin-Robbins April Flavor of the Month, Marigold Dreamsicle - credit: Baskin-Robbins /

One of the wilder flavors of the month Baskin-Robbins has released, April’s taste sensation is Marigold Dreamsicle. Marigolds – the flowers – do actually have a citrus taste to them, and here marigold ice cream is swirled with vanilla bean. Sounds refreshing and intriguing!

3. 2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu

Dairy Queen DQ Freezer - credit: Business Wire /

Keeping on the ice cream bent for a second, Dairy Queen is pulling a “Disney Vault” by releasing flavors from their so-called DQ Freezer, an apparently real freezer where they store all the flavors in Dairy Queen history. The Summer menu includes the following Blizzards: Picnic Peach Cobbler, Frosted Animal Cookie, Ultimate Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party, Cotton Candy, and Brownie Batter. One of each, please!

4. Popeyes Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

Popeyes Lemon Pepper Wings - credit: Popeyes /

Popeyes fans have already gotten a sneak peek at the new Honey Lemon Pepper wings, thanks to an app promotion that started in mid-March. But for the rest of us, this new flavor will hit stores everywhere today. So far, the wings have gotten solidly positive reviews, noting that the lemon is particularly refreshing. I don’t know if that’s exactly what I want from my chicken wings, but I’ll take it.

5. KFC Saucy Nuggets & Apple Pie Poppers

KFC Saucy Nuggets
KFC Saucy Nuggets - credit: KFC /

KFC is broadly expanding its line of nuggs starting today with five flavors of Saucy Nuggets: Honey Sriracha, Korean BBQ, Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold. But they’re not stopping there! They’ve also got brand new Apple Pie Poppers, for a dash of sweetness after your heat.

6. Jeni’s Punk Stargonaut Ice Cream

Jeni's Punk Stargonaut Ice Cream - credit: Jeni's /

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, Jeni’s has four new flavors inspired by alien landscapes, including the returning Super Moon, nebula Berry, Purple Star Born, and Cosmic Bloom. But frankly, the main event is Space Dust, a popping candy topping that looks like Rice Krispies. Fingers crossed it’s out of this world.

7. Kemps & Trumoo Blue Milk

TruMoo Star Wars Blue Milk - credit: Lucasfilm /

Inspired by the Blue Milk sold in Galaxy’s Edge – the Star Wars-themed section of Disney theme parks – Kemps and Trumoo are both releasing their own Blue Milk in stores for the first time. However, where the Disney milk has citrus flavors to it, the store-released Blue Milk is basically just vanilla-flavored milk. But, you know, Star Wars. I’m buying two: one to taste, and one to keep on the shelf for the next several years. Nobody tell me why that’s a bad idea!

KFC Saucy Nuggets and Apple Pie Poppers are here to offer bite-size bliss. dark. Next. KFC Saucy Nuggets and Apple Pie Poppers are here to offer bite-size bliss